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Christian Prochaska 3e8e55ec16 CPU affinity configuration fixes
- if no affinity was set for a new thread before calling
  Cpu_session::start(), the CPU session's affinity gets set for this
- documentation fix: <affinity_space> -> <affinity-space>

Fixes #873.
10 years ago
etc Imported Genode release 11.11 12 years ago
include base: only commit useful trace events 10 years ago
lib crt0 cleanup 10 years ago
mk Cortex A15: temporarily remove -mcpu switch again 10 years ago
run Apply affinity subspacing to session requests 10 years ago
src CPU affinity configuration fixes 10 years ago
README Imported Genode release 11.11 12 years ago


This is generic part of the Genode implementation. It consists of two parts:

:_Core_: is the ultimate root of the Genode application tree
  and provides abstractions for the lowest-level hardware resources
  such as RAM, ROM, CPU, and generic device access. All generic parts of Core
  can be found here - for system-specific implementations refer to the
  appropriate 'base-<system>' directory.

:_Base libraries and protocols_: that are used by each Genode component
  to interact with other components. This is the glue that holds everything