Fork of the Genode OS framework
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Genode's Rump Kernel kernel port

This repository contains the Genode version of the
[ - rump kernel].
The kernel is currently used to gain file-system access from within Genode.
In order to achieve that, the rump kernel is integrated into a VFS plugin,
located at _src/lib/vfs/rump_. It can thereby by used directly by libc
applications, or indirectly by using the VFS-server component.

Building instructions

In order to build the VFS plugin, issue

! ./tool/ports/prepare_port dde_rump

from Genode's toplevel directory.


! REPOSITORIES += $(GENODE_DIR)/repos/dde_rump

to your _etc/build.conf_ file of you build directory.


! make lib/vfs/rump

called from your build directory will build the plugin.


Here is an example snippet that configures the VFS plugin:

| <rump fs="msdos" ram="7M" writeable="yes"/>"

The VFS plugin obtains a block session. If there is more than one block
session in the system, the block session must be routed to the right
block-session server. The value of the _fs_ attribute can be one of the
following: _ext2fs_ for EXT2, _cd9660_ for ISO-9660, or _msdos_ for FAT
file-system support. When accessing a _msdos_ file system, the optional
attribute 'gemdos="yes"' can be specified to operate in GEMDOS compatibility

The VFS plugin hands over the specified amount of RAM quota to the rump
kernel. The larger the quota is, the larger the internal block caches of the
rump kernel will be.