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Alexander Boettcher f36c0f150f demo: support launchpad entries with mem >= 2048M
Fixes #1325
2014-12-19 13:58:46 +01:00
Norman Feske 61b370ecba gems: new backdrop application
The new backdrop found at gems/src/app/backdrop replaces the old program
that was hosted in the demo repository.
2014-08-22 16:16:39 +02:00
Christian Prochaska e851b98806 Qt launchpad: use XML configuration
With this patch, Qt launchpad entries are configured the same way as with
the Scout launchpad.

Fixes #1222.
2014-08-18 13:27:23 +02:00
Norman Feske 20090000d2 Scout: Add DroidSans-Bold10 font as tff 2014-08-12 13:08:01 +02:00
Norman Feske 91e01411a4 nitpicker: Reworked session interface
This patch changes nitpicker's session interface to use session-local
view handles instead of view capabilities. This enables the batching
of multiple view operations into one atomic update.
2014-08-11 15:55:32 +02:00
Norman Feske 0ed68a56b7 Use signals for delivering input events
This patch changes both the Input::Session interface and the skeleton
for the server-side implementation of this interface

The Input::Session interface offers a new 'sigh' function, which can be
called be the client to register a signal handler. The signal handler
gets notified on the arrival of new input. This alleviates the need to
poll for input events at the client side.

The server-side skeleton for implementing input services underwent a
redesign to make it more modular and robust. I.e., there are no
global functions needed at the server side and the event-queue
enable/disable mechanism is implemented at a central place (in the root
component) rather than inside each driver.

Fixes #46
2014-06-06 14:54:07 +02:00
Norman Feske ca971bbfd8 Move repositories to 'repos/' subdirectory
This patch changes the top-level directory layout as a preparatory
step for improving the tools for managing 3rd-party source codes.
The rationale is described in the issue referenced below.

Issue #1082
2014-05-14 16:08:00 +02:00