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Stefan Kalkowski 786fe805da base: introduce caching attributes (fix #1184)
On ARM it's relevant to not only distinguish between ordinary cached memory
and write-combined one, but also having non-cached memory too. To insert the
appropriated page table entries e.g.: in the base-hw kernel, we need to preserve
the information about the kind of memory from allocation until the pager
resolves a page fault. Therefore, this commit introduces a new Cache_attribute
type, and replaces the write_combined boolean with the new type where necessary.
2014-06-26 10:57:26 +02:00
Norman Feske ca971bbfd8 Move repositories to 'repos/' subdirectory
This patch changes the top-level directory layout as a preparatory
step for improving the tools for managing 3rd-party source codes.
The rationale is described in the issue referenced below.

Issue #1082
2014-05-14 16:08:00 +02:00