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Christian Prochaska d76220d6a9 qt5: save generated source files in the contrib directory
Fixes #1436
2015-03-13 12:17:23 +01:00
Christian Prochaska 4973f2a310 Qt5: migrate to new ports mechanism
Fixes #1233.
2014-08-22 16:16:40 +02:00
Christian Prochaska db89c85954 Qt5: ARM-related improvements
- fix compile errors when building for ARM
- use the correct device drivers in Qt run scripts

Fixes #1154.
2014-05-27 11:14:45 +02:00
Norman Feske ca971bbfd8 Move repositories to 'repos/' subdirectory
This patch changes the top-level directory layout as a preparatory
step for improving the tools for managing 3rd-party source codes.
The rationale is described in the issue referenced below.

Issue #1082
2014-05-14 16:08:00 +02:00