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Josef Söntgen 2d469cb35c lwip: packet-stream/link-state signals in recv thread
Issue #1327
8 years ago
Christian Prochaska 21154d6866 qt5: let QNitpickerViewWidget react to focus event
With this patch, when calling 'setFocus()' on a QNitpickerViewWidget, the
Nitpicker view gets the input focus (provided that the parent Qt window
already had it).

Fixes #1314
8 years ago
Josef Söntgen 2bf67136c6 libc: add support for external vfs file systems
These file systems are provided on-demand by loading a shared library
when the fstab node is traversed. By convention this library is named
after the file system it provides. For example a file system that
provides a 'random' file system node is called ''. It
is still possible to give the the node another name in the vfs. The
following code snippts illustrates this matter:

! [...]
! <config>
!   <libc>
!     <vfs>
!       <dir name="dev"> <jitterentropy name="random"/> </dir>
!     </vfs>
!   </libc>
! </config>
! [...]

Here the jitterentropy file system, implemented in
'' provides a file system node named 'random'
in the 'dev' directory. When traversing the vfs section the libc will
try to load '' but programs may access the
file system only via '/dev/random'.

Fixes #1240.
9 years ago
Christian Prochaska 4973f2a310 Qt5: migrate to new ports mechanism
Fixes #1233.
9 years ago
Norman Feske dc2da978f4 qt5: Adapt qpluginwidget new nitpicker/loader
The QPluginWidget used to be a QNitpickerViewWidget but the new loader
interface does no longer hand out a view capability. So we need to
decouple both classes. This patch moves the view-geometry calculation to
a separate class to make it easier reusable, in particular for the
9 years ago
Norman Feske 91e01411a4 nitpicker: Reworked session interface
This patch changes nitpicker's session interface to use session-local
view handles instead of view capabilities. This enables the batching
of multiple view operations into one atomic update.
9 years ago
Christian Prochaska 4672ae637a Qt5: set the parent view of a QPluginWidget's view
For the correct integration of a QPluginWidget in a parent QWidget, with
this commit the parent QWidget's Nitpicker view is made the parent view of
the plugin's Nitpicker view.

Fixes #1173.
9 years ago
Christian Prochaska 17c22b2ac9 Qt5: use the Genode main thread
Now that it is possible to resize the stack of the Genode main thread, it
is not necessary anymore to create a new Genode thread as Qt main thread.

Fixes #1134.
9 years ago
Norman Feske 85a2ebc1c4 libports: migrate to new ports mechanism
Issue #1082
9 years ago
Norman Feske ca971bbfd8 Move repositories to 'repos/' subdirectory
This patch changes the top-level directory layout as a preparatory
step for improving the tools for managing 3rd-party source codes.
The rationale is described in the issue referenced below.

Issue #1082
9 years ago