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Alexander Boettcher 44adc3c404 tool: use grub2 instead of grub1 for iso boot
Fixes #2526
2017-11-30 11:23:01 +01:00
Sebastian Sumpf 7113c17100 run: update RISC-V run script support
* fix build error for bbl upon intial build
* set memory to 128 MB in spike
* support 'forever' timeout

issue #2423
2017-08-30 09:59:59 +02:00
Alexander Boettcher 3aca3256c6 tool: support image/uefi for grub2/uefi boot
- add x86_32/64 GRUB2 UEFI boot loader
- enable support for nova

Issue #2242
2017-06-29 11:59:51 +02:00
Sebastian Sumpf 6c95eb9aff base-hw: RISC-V BBL
The Berkley Boot Loader handles kernel loading and machine mode
2017-05-31 13:16:24 +02:00
Adrian-Ken Rueegsegger 923fbc9e86 Update Muen port
- Adjust Muen RUN_OPTs
- Update documentation
- Checkout required submodule
2017-05-31 13:16:22 +02:00
Adrian-Ken Rueegsegger aefacc9310 run: Add image/muen script to support Muen SK build
The script takes the following RUN_OPT parameters:

--image-muen-external-build  Muen system is built automatically or externally
--image-muen-system          Muen system policy
--image-muen-components      Muen system components
--image-muen-hardware        Muen hardware platform
--image-muen-gnat-path       Path to GNAT toolchain
--image-muen-spark-path      Path to SPARK toolchain
2016-01-08 14:37:56 +01:00
Christian Helmuth da21a3c338 create_grub2: ext2 default parameters for image
The mkfs.ext2 heuristics select the "small" ext2 usage type, which does
not fit well with GiB-sized pen drives. For example, the block size is
just 1024 bytes compared to 4096 for "default". Therefore, we enforce
the default usage type as this fits our use case of dumping the image to
USB sticks better.
2015-03-13 12:17:26 +01:00
Josef Söntgen c706b1c0a7 run: modularize run tool 2015-01-26 12:28:40 +01:00