run: lwip use is_qemu

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Alexander Boettcher 2013-04-11 12:59:28 +02:00 committed by Norman Feske
parent b5d3be9c85
commit 5c6f13b0d3
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@ -148,16 +148,15 @@ append qemu_args " -net user -redir tcp:5555::80 "
run_genode_until {.*Start the server loop \.\.\..*} 30
if [is_amt_available] {
set match_string "got IP address"
grep_output $match_string
unify_output {[\r\n\t]+} ""
unify_output {[\033]\[0m} ""
set pos [string first $match_string $output]
set ip_addr [string replace $output 0 [expr $pos+14]]
set uri "http://$ip_addr:80/"
} else {
if [is_qemu_available] {
set uri "http://localhost:5555/"
} else {
set match_string "got IP address (.*)\033.*\n"
run_genode_until $match_string 30 $server_spawn_id
regexp $match_string $output all ip_addr
set uri "http://$ip_addr:80/"
puts "http server is up, try to query website $uri"