doc: mention packages needed for using the ports

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Norman Feske 8 years ago committed by Christian Helmuth
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@ -21,12 +21,16 @@ Quick start to build Genode for Linux
The best starting point for exploring Genode is to run it on Linux. Make sure
that your system satisfies the following requirements:
* GNU 'Make' version 3.81 or newer
* GNU Make version 3.81 or newer
* 'libSDL-dev'
* 'tclsh' and 'expect'
* 'byacc' (only needed for the L4/Fiasco kernel)
* 'qemu' and 'genisoimage' (for testing non-Linux platforms via Qemu)
For using the entire collection of ported 3rd-party software, the following
packages should be installed additionally: 'autoconf2.64', 'autogen', 'bison',
'flex', 'g++', 'git', 'gperf', 'libxml2-utils', 'subversion', and 'xsltproc'.
Furthermore, you will need to install the official Genode toolchain, which
you can download at [].