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# this file uses the 'sdiv_qrnnd' symbol which is not defined
FILTER_OUT += udiv_w_sdiv.c
# add ARM-specific assembly files and filter out the generic C files if needed
SRC_ASM += copyd.asm copyi.asm
FILTER_OUT += popham.c
SRC_ASM += add_n.asm
FILTER_OUT += add_n.c
SRC_ASM += sub_n.asm
FILTER_OUT += sub_n.c
SRC_C += $(notdir $(wildcard $(REP_DIR)/src/lib/gmp/mpn/arm/*.c))
SRC_C += $(notdir $(wildcard $(REP_DIR)/src/lib/gmp/mpn/32bit/*.c))
SRC_C += $(filter-out $(FILTER_OUT),$(notdir $(wildcard $(GMP_MPN_DIR)/generic/*.c)))
include $(REP_DIR)/lib/mk/
PWD := $(shell pwd)
SRC_O += $(SRC_ASM:.asm=.o) hamdist.o popcount.o
# Create execution environment for the m4-ccas tool, which is used by the gmp
# library to assemble asm files to object files. Make sure to execute this rule
# only from the actual build pass (not when called from ''). This
# way, the 'm4env' gets created within the local build directory of the
# library, not the global build directory.
ifeq ($(called_from_lib_mk),yes)
all: m4env
$(VERBOSE)mkdir -p $@/mpn/arm
$(VERBOSE)ln -s $(REP_DIR)/src/lib/gmp/arm/config.m4 m4env
$(VERBOSE)ln -s $(GMP_MPN_DIR)/asm-defs.m4 m4env/mpn
$(VERBOSE)ln -s $(GMP_MPN_DIR)/arm/arm-defs.m4 m4env/mpn/arm
# Create object files out of asm files
ifneq ($(VERBOSE),)
M4_OUTPUT_FILTER = > /dev/null
hamdist.o popcount.o: popham.c
$(VERBOSE)$(CC) $(CC_DEF) $(CC_C_OPT) -DOPERATION_${@:.o=} $(INCLUDES) -c $< -o $@
%.o: %.asm
$(VERBOSE)cd m4env/mpn; \
$(GMP_MPN_DIR)/m4-ccas --m4=m4 $(CC) $(CC_MARCH) -std=gnu99 -fPIC -DPIC $(CC_OPT_$*) $(INCLUDES) -c $< -o $(PWD)/$@ \
vpath %.c $(REP_DIR)/src/lib/gmp/mpn/arm
vpath %.c $(REP_DIR)/src/lib/gmp/mpn/32bit
vpath %.c $(GMP_MPN_DIR)/generic
vpath %.asm $(GMP_MPN_DIR)/arm