Fork of the Genode OS framework
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# Install files needed to create a bootable ISO image
# The ISO boot concept uses GRUB2 and xorriso to boot from ISO and USB stick.
source [genode_dir]/tool/run/
proc install_iso_bootloader_to_run_dir { } {
puts "install bootloader"
set grub2_path [get_grub2_dir]
exec mkdir -p [run_dir]/boot/grub/i386-pc
exec cp $grub2_path/boot/grub2/eltorito.img [run_dir]/boot/grub/i386-pc/.
foreach file [glob -nocomplain $grub2_path/boot/grub2/\*.mod] {
exec cp $file [run_dir]/boot/grub/i386-pc/[file tail $file]
exec cp [genode_dir]/tool/boot/bender [run_dir]/boot/bender