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@ -0,0 +1,53 @@
when not isMainModule:
{.error: "this module is not a library, import blobsets instead".}
import std/asyncdispatch, std/os, std/strutils, std/tables, std/parseopt, std/streams, std/rdstdin, std/random
import cbor
import ./blobsets, ./blobsets/filestores,
./blobsets/httpservers, ./blobsets/httpstores
proc openStore(): BlobStore =
const key = "BLOB_STORE_URL"
var url = os.getEnv key
if url == "":
url = "/tmp/blobs"
#quit(key & " not set in environment")
if url.startsWith "http://":
proc insertPath(store: BlobStore; bs: BlobSet; kind: PathComponent; path: string): BlobSet =
result = bs
case kind
of pcFile, pcLinkToFile:
var path = normalizedPath path
let (id, size) = waitFor store.ingestFile(path)
result = waitfor insert(store, result, path, id, size)
writeLine(stdout, id, align($size, 11), " ", path)
of pcDir, pcLinkToDir:
for kind, subPath in path.walkDir:
result = store.insertPath(result, kind, subPath)
let e = getCurrentException()
writeLine(stderr, "failed to ingest '", path, "', ", e.msg)
proc ingestMain*() {.async.} =
var args = newSeq[string]()
for kind, key, val in getopt():
if kind == cmdArgument:
args.add key
if 0 < args.len:
var set = newBlobSet()
let store = openStore()
for i in 0..args.high:
let path = normalizedPath args[i]
set = store.insertPath(set, path.getFileInfo.kind, path)
let final = await store.commit(set)
writeLine(stdout, final.setId.toBase32)
when isMainModule:
waitFor ingestMain()