A collection of random configuration files.
Daniel 366849481b
Update location of personal texmf tree
1 week ago
config/systemd Start Emacs as foreground daemon 2 months ago
taffybar Add delimiter in taffybar between clock and workspaces 4 months ago
xmonad New shortcuts for calling emacsclient from Xmonad 6 months ago
LICENSE Add LICENSE 11 months ago
README.org Readme 11 months ago
Xdefaults Reference to origin of solarized color scheme in Xdefaults 11 months ago
bash_profile Cleaning up bash startup files 11 months ago
bashrc Update prompt definition for bash 2 weeks ago
screenrc A minimal screenrc 11 months ago
tmux.conf Increase backward compatibility for tmux configuration file 8 months ago
vimrc Some fundamental configuration files 11 months ago
zprofile Update location of personal texmf tree 1 week ago
zshrc Make ‘encode-with-ffmpeg’ to be bash-compatible 1 week ago


This is assorted collection of my configuration files. They are stored here for personal reference and, by showing them to the public, to force me to keep them clean.