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;;; db-mail.el --- Utility Functions for sending mail -*- lexical-binding: t -*-
;;; Commentary:
;; This package consists mostly of utility functions for sending and editing
;; mail and extending Gnus in the way I like it. However, the most important
;; feature of is an abstract way to hande remote mail accounts. Theses are
;; stored in the variable `db/mail-accounts and consist of various entries
;; denoting how to read mail via IMAP (POP not supported) and how to send mail
;; via SMTP (server, port, protocol, …). Based on the entries in this variable,
;; appropriate settings of `gnus-secondary-select-methods are derived
;; automatically by the custom setter of `db/mail-accounts. Then when inside
;; Gnus, the mail can be read without further configuration. Note that when the
;; "IMAP address" of an entry in `db/mail-accounts is empty, it will not be
;; included as an IMAP account in `gnus-secondary-select-methods. This lets
;; you specify mail accounts that can be used for sending mail, but that are
;; read not directly via IMAP, but by other means (POP, offlineimap, …).
;; When sending mail, `db/mail-accounts is used to determine settings of the
;; relevant variables from `smtpmail based on the current value of the "From: "
;; header entry in the mail. If this header entry is set correctly, then
;; `db/smtpmail-send-it will set these variables automatically. To make this
;; work, however, two things have to be done:
;; - Ensure that the "From: " header is set correctly. In Gnus this can be done
;; by configuring `gnus-posting-style accordingly.
;; - Make sure `db/smtpmail-send-it is called when sending mail. For this set
;; the value `send-mail-function to `db/smtpmail-send-it.
;; All this functionality is provided under "Mail related customizations". The
;; other headlines provide the aforementioned utility functions.
;;; Code:
(require 'cl-lib)
(require 'cl-macs)
(require 'mail-extr)
(require 'epg)
(require 'mml-sec)
(require 'gnus)
(require 'smtpmail) ; to have the globals bound below by let
(require 'message)
;; Mail related customizations
;; See definition of `db/mail-accounts below, sorry for the scatter …
(defsubst db/mail-accounts--mail-address (account)
"Extract account mail address from ACCOUNT.
ACCOUNT must be a valid element of `db/mail-accounts."
(nth 0 account))
(defsubst db/mail-accounts--name (account)
"Extract account name from ACCOUNT.
ACCOUNT must be a valid element of `db/mail-accounts."
(nth 1 account))
(defsubst db/mail-accounts--imap-address (account)
"Extract account IMAP address from ACCOUNT.
ACCOUNT must be a valid element of `db/mail-accounts."
(nth 2 account))
(defsubst db/mail-accounts--smtp-server (account)
"Extract account SMTP server address from ACCOUNT.
ACCOUNT must be a valid element of `db/mail-accounts."
(nth 3 account))
(defsubst db/mail-accounts--smtp-stream-type (account)
"Extract account SMTP stream type from ACCOUNT.
ACCOUNT must be a valid element of `db/mail-accounts."
(nth 4 account))
(defsubst db/mail-accounts--smtp-service-port (account)
"Extract account SMTP port from ACCOUNT.
ACCOUNT must be a valid element of `db/mail-accounts."
(nth 5 account))
(defsubst db/mail-accounts--smtp-user (account)
"Extract account SMTP user from ACCOUNT.
ACCOUNT must be a valid element of `db/mail-accounts."
(nth 6 account))
(defun db/-set-gnus-secondary-select-methods (other-gnus-accounts remote-mail-accounts)
"Set `gnus-secondary-select-methods from OTHER-GNUS-ACCOUNTS and REMOTE-MAIL-ACCOUNTS.
The values of the latter two variables are usually those of
`db/other-gnus-accounts and `db/mail-accounts."
(setq gnus-secondary-select-methods
(append other-gnus-accounts
;; Only add those remote accounts whose IMAP address is neither
;; `nil nor the empty string
(cl-remove-if #'null
(mapcar (lambda (account)
(let ((account-name (db/mail-accounts--name account))
(account-address (db/mail-accounts--imap-address account)))
(when (and account-address
(stringp account-address)
(< 0 (length account-address)))
`(nnimap ,account-name
(nnimap-address ,account-address)
(nnimap-stream starttls)
(nnimap-inbox "INBOX")))))
(defun db/mail-accounts--set-value (symbol value)
"Set SYMBOL to VALUE, as needed for `db/mail-accounts."
(cl-assert (eq symbol 'db/mail-accounts)
"Only use `db/mail-accounts--set-value for setting `db/mail-accounts.")
(set-default symbol value)
;; Set `gnus-secondary-select-methods
;; Dont complain if `db/other-gnus-accounts is not defined yet
(and (boundp 'db/other-gnus-accounts) db/other-gnus-accounts)
;; Set posting styles based on existing mail addresses
(setq gnus-posting-styles
(name ,user-full-name)
(address ,user-mail-address)
(signature-file "~/.signature")
("X-Jabber-ID" ,db/jabber-id)))
(mapcar (lambda (account)
(let ((account-name (db/mail-accounts--name account))
(account-address (db/mail-accounts--mail-address account)))
`(,(concat account-name ":")
(name ,user-full-name)
(address ,account-address)
(signature-file "~/.signature")
("X-Jabber-ID" ,db/jabber-id))))
;; Update some variables
(setq bbdb-user-mail-address-re (regexp-opt (mapcar #'car db/mail-accounts)
message-dont-reply-to-names (regexp-opt (mapcar #'car db/mail-accounts)
gnus-ignored-from-addresses message-dont-reply-to-names))
(defcustom db/mail-accounts nil
"Configuration for remote email accounts.
This is a list of lists, where each such list specifies necessary
parameters for one particular email address. These addresses
will also be recognized when sending mail."
:group 'personal-settings
:type '(repeat
(string :tag "EMail Address")
(string :tag "Group Name")
(string :tag "IMAP Server Address (StartTLS)")
(string :tag "SMTP Server Address")
(choice :tag "SMTP Stream Type"
(const nil) (const starttls) (const plain) (const ssl))
(integer :tag "SMTP Service Port")
(string :tag "SMTP Login Name")))
:set #'db/mail-accounts--set-value)
(defun db/smtpmail-send-it ()
"Send prepared message in current buffer.
This function uses `message-smtpmail-send-it, but sets
`smtpmail-smtp-server, `smtpmail-stream-type,
`smtpmail-smtp-service, and `smtpmail-smtp-user based on the
entry of the \"From: \" header and the value of
(let* ((from (or (save-restriction
(mail-fetch-field "From"))
(address (cadr (mail-extract-address-components from)))
(account (assoc address db/mail-accounts)))
(message "Using address: %s" address)
(condition-case signal-data
(if account
(message "Sending with account for %s" address)
(let ((smtpmail-smtp-server (db/mail-accounts--smtp-server account))
(smtpmail-stream-type (db/mail-accounts--smtp-stream-type account))
(smtpmail-smtp-service (db/mail-accounts--smtp-service-port account))
(smtpmail-smtp-user (db/mail-accounts--smtp-user account)))
(cl-assert (cl-notany #'null (list smtpmail-smtp-server
"Settings %s for sending mail are not complete for account %s."
(if (yes-or-no-p "Sending with default account settings?")
(message "Sending aborted as requested by user.")))
;; in case of error, display the SMTP trace buffer if available
(error (when-let ((smtp-trace-buffer (get-buffer (format "*trace of SMTP session to %s*"
(shrink-window-if-larger-than-buffer (display-buffer smtp-trace-buffer)))
(signal (car signal-data) (cdr signal-data))))))
;; Setting other Gnus accounts
(defun db/other-gnus-accounts--set-value (symbol value)
"Set SYMBOL to VALUE as needed by `db/other-gnus-accounts"
(cl-assert (eq symbol 'db/other-gnus-accounts)
"Only use `db/other-gnus-accounts--set-value for setting `db/other-gnus-accounts.")
(set-default symbol value)
;; Dont complain if `db/mail-accounts is not defined yet.
(and (boundp 'db/mail-accounts) db/mail-accounts)))
(defcustom db/other-gnus-accounts nil
"Configuration for gnus accounts that are not IMAP/SMTP related.
Those are all accounts that are not derived from the entries in
`db/mail-accounts. The value of this variable should be a valid
value for `gnus-secondary-select-methods."
:group 'personal-settings
;; type definition for `gnus-select-method widget from gnus.el
:type '(repeat gnus-select-method)
:set #'db/other-gnus-accounts--set-value)
;; Functions related to email encryption
(defun db/public-key (address &optional method)
"Return valid public keys for ADDRESS and given METHOD.
METHOD can be \"smime\" or \"pgpmime\"; defaults to \"pgpmime\".
ADDRESS is a string containing exactly one email address."
(check-type address string)
(unless method (setq method "pgpmime"))
(epg-list-keys (epg-make-context
((string= method "smime")
((string= method "pgpmime")
(t (error "Unknown method %s" method))))
(defun db/encryption-possible-p (recipients method)
"Check whether sending encrypted emails to all RECIPIENTS is possible.
METHOD specifies the encrypt method used. Can be either
\"smime\" or \"pgpmime\"."
(cl-every (lambda (recipient)
(not (null (db/public-key recipient method))))
(defun db/message-recipients ()
"Return all recipients of the email in the current buffer."
(cl-mapcan (lambda (field)
(let ((field-value (message-field-value field)))
(when field-value
(mapcar #'cadr
(mail-extract-address-components field-value t)))))
(list "to" "cc" "bcc")))
(defun db/signencrypt-message-when-possible ()
"Add mml markers for signing and encryption of an email if possible."
(when (eq major-mode 'message-mode)
(let ((from (message-field-value "from")))
(when from
(let ((methods (if (string-match "@tu-dresden\.de>" from)
(list "smime" "pgpmime")
(list "pgpmime")))
(recipients (db/message-recipients)))
;; if there is no recipient, encrypt with default method
(if (null recipients)
(mml-secure-message (cl-first methods) 'signencrypt)
;; go through available keys
(let ((available-method
(cl-find-if (lambda (method)
(db/encryption-possible-p recipients method))
(if available-method
(mml-secure-message available-method 'signencrypt)
;; if nothing works, sign with default method
(mml-secure-message (cl-first methods) 'sign)))))))))
;; Gnus utility functions
(defun db/gnus-save-newsrc-with-whitespace-1 ()
"Save ~/.newsrc.eld with extra whitespace."
;; http://ding.gnus.narkive.com/pq3Z8ZjQ/pretty-printing-newsrc-eld#post3
(gnus-message 5 "Adding whitespace to .newsrc.eld")
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (re-search-forward "(\\\"\\| ((\\| (nn" nil t)
(replace-match "\n \\&" t))
(defun db/gnus-summary-open-Link ()
"Open link named \"Link\" in current article."
(let ((url nil))
(unless (eq major-mode 'gnus-article-mode)
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (and (not url)
(search-forward "Link"))
(setq url (get-text-property (point) 'shr-url)))
(when url
(browse-url url)))))))
(defun db/gnus-html-mime-part-to-org ()
"Convert current gnus article to org mode."
(let ((return-code (gnus-mime-pipe-part "pandoc -f html -t org")))
(unless (zerop return-code)
(error "Error in extracting text"))
(with-current-buffer "*Shell Command Output*"
(kill-ring-save (point-min) (point-max)))))
(defun db/gnus-demon-scan-news-on-level-2 ()
"Scan for news in Gnus on level 2."
;; from https://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/GnusDemon
(require 'gnus-start) ; load global variables
(let ((win (current-window-configuration))
(gnus-read-active-file 'some)
(gnus-check-new-newsgroups nil)
(level 2))
(when (gnus-alive-p)
(with-current-buffer gnus-group-buffer
(gnus-group-get-new-news level))))
(set-window-configuration win)))))
(provide 'db-mail)
;;; db-mail ends here