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;;; db-hydras.el --- Personal hydras ' -*- lexical-binding: t -*-
;;; Commentary:
;;; Code:
(require 'hydra)
;;; Hydras
(defhydra hydra-toggle (:color blue)
("c" column-number-mode "column")
("d" toggle-debug-on-error "debug-on-error")
("e" toggle-debug-on-error "debug-on-error")
("f" auto-fill-mode "auto-fill")
("l" toggle-truncate-lines "truncate lines")
("q" toggle-debug-on-quit "debug-on-quit")
("r" read-only-mode "read-only"))
;; zooming with single keystrokes (from oremacs)
(defhydra hydra-zoom (:color red)
("g" text-scale-increase "increase")
("l" text-scale-decrease "decrease"))
(defhydra hydra-rectangle (:body-pre (rectangle-mark-mode 1)
:color pink
:post (deactivate-mark))
^_k_^ _d_elete _s_tring
_h_ _l_ _o_k _y_ank
^_j_^ _n_ew-copy _r_eset
^^^^ _e_xchange _u_ndo
^^^^ ^ ^ _p_aste
("h" backward-char nil)
("l" forward-char nil)
("k" previous-line nil)
("j" next-line nil)
("n" copy-rectangle-as-kill nil)
("d" delete-rectangle nil)
("r" (if (region-active-p)
(rectangle-mark-mode 1))
("y" yank-rectangle nil)
("u" undo nil)
("s" string-rectangle nil)
("p" kill-rectangle nil)
("e" rectangle-exchange-point-and-mark nil)
("o" nil nil))
;; End
(provide 'db-hydras)
;; db-hydras.el ends here