My Emacs configuration.
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Daniels Emacs Configuration

My personal Emacs Configuration, containing bits of code collected from around the web. Have fun with it!


The main configuration is available in the usual /dbo/.emacs.d/src/commit/e2822c193b7d918c6376a975473320b350688145/init.el file, with additional functionality distributed over files in the /dbo/.emacs.d/src/commit/e2822c193b7d918c6376a975473320b350688145/site-lisp directory. Some private data (like customization) is outsources into a separate directory named private, and is not included in this repository. The configuration should work nevertheless, even without these private files.

The main init.el file consists mostly of variable assignments, use-package declarations, and initializing the package subsystem. The main lifting is done by the db/run-init function, which is attached to the after-init-hook in init.el. This way, all necessary local hooks and autoloads are set up by init.el, and the db/run-init functions only activates a (minimal?) configurations needed for every session, including modes, keybindings, hydras, and global hooks. It also imports some environment variables and starts the server when running under windows. Any additional packages are only loaded when required.


This configuration is known to work with Emacs 25.2 (and later) on Debian GNU/Linux and Windows 10 (sigh).


ⓒ 20172018 Daniel Borchmann

This configuration is available under the MIT license, see /dbo/.emacs.d/src/commit/e2822c193b7d918c6376a975473320b350688145/LICENSE for details.