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;;; diminish-autoloads.el --- automatically extracted autoloads
;;; Code:
(add-to-list 'load-path (directory-file-name (or (file-name-directory #$) (car load-path))))
;;;### (autoloads nil "diminish" "diminish.el" (22785 64255 80756
;;;;;; 745000))
;;; Generated autoloads from diminish.el
(autoload 'diminish "diminish" "\
Diminish mode-line display of minor mode MODE to TO-WHAT (default \"\").
Interactively, enter (with completion) the name of any minor mode, followed
on the next line by what you want it diminished to (default empty string).
The response to neither prompt should be quoted. However, in Lisp code,
both args must be quoted, the first as a symbol, the second as a string,
as in (diminish 'jiggle-mode \" Jgl\").
The mode-line displays of minor modes usually begin with a space, so
the modes' names appear as separate words on the mode line. However, if
you're having problems with a cramped mode line, you may choose to use single
letters for some modes, without leading spaces. Capitalizing them works
best; if you then diminish some mode to \"X\" but have abbrev-mode enabled as
well, you'll get a display like \"AbbrevX\". This function prepends a space
to TO-WHAT if it's > 1 char long & doesn't already begin with a space.
\(fn MODE &optional TO-WHAT)" t nil)
(autoload 'diminish-undo "diminish" "\
Restore mode-line display of diminished mode MODE to its minor-mode value.
Do nothing if the arg is a minor mode that hasn't been diminished.
Interactively, enter (with completion) the name of any diminished mode (a
mode that was formerly a minor mode on which you invoked \\[diminish]).
To restore all diminished modes to minor status, answer `diminished-modes'.
The response to the prompt shouldn't be quoted. However, in Lisp code,
the arg must be quoted as a symbol, as in (diminish-undo 'diminished-modes).
\(fn MODE)" t nil)
(autoload 'diminished-modes "diminish" "\
Echo all active diminished or minor modes as if they were minor.
The display goes in the echo area; if it's too long even for that,
you can see the whole thing in the *Messages* buffer.
This doesn't change the status of any modes; it just lets you see
what diminished modes would be on the mode-line if they were still minor.
\(fn)" t nil)
;; Local Variables:
;; version-control: never
;; no-byte-compile: t
;; no-update-autoloads: t
;; End:
;;; diminish-autoloads.el ends here