My Emacs configuration.
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Daniel c2f2b23a6c
Add stop shortcut for main music hydra
1 week ago
term Initial commit 3 years ago
db-customize.el Allow nil as shortcut character in frequently used features 9 months ago
db-emms.el Rename main music hydra and move it to `db-music' 1 year ago
db-eshell.el Move eshell popup function to `db-eshell' 1 year ago
db-hydras.el Make checkdoc happy about db-hydras package 3 months ago
db-mail.el Remove calls to some obsolete CL functions 5 months ago
db-music.el Add stop shortcut for main music hydra 1 week ago
db-org.el Clean up all links in headline when linking to it 1 month ago
db-projects.el Do not treat dotfiles as projects 9 months ago
db-utils-test.el Fix precision error in `db/ntp-to-time' 1 year ago
db-utils.el Refactor code to update magit's repository list to separate function 5 months ago
timeline-tools-test.el Trying to make test for `timeline-tools' independent of locale 1 year ago
timeline-tools.el Explicitly define setter functions for timeline tooling 1 year ago