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Daniel Borchmann f8caaae071
Allow adding links to Org items also in non-Org-mode buffers
The relevant use-case (for me at least) is to insert links to Org items in the
minibuffer when capturing new items.
2 days ago
term Initial commit 6 years ago
db-customize.el Jump to first open checkbox in currently clocked-in item by default 6 months ago
db-emms.el Rename main music hydra and move it to `db-music' 3 years ago
db-eshell.el Downcase login name in eshell prompt 3 weeks ago
db-hydras.el Make checkdoc happy about db-hydras package 2 years ago
db-mail.el Remove calls to some obsolete CL functions 2 years ago
db-music.el Remove custom function to play radio stations 1 year ago
db-org.el Allow adding links to Org items also in non-Org-mode buffers 2 days ago
db-projects.el Match namespace prefix for project utilities with package name 7 months ago
db-utils-test.el Fix precision error in `db/ntp-to-time' 3 years ago
db-utils.el Add function to retrieve library version 1 week ago
org-password-manager.el Add local copy of org-password-manager.el 10 months ago
plantuml-mode.el Update local copy of plantuml-mode 2 years ago
timeline-tools-test.el Trying to make test for `timeline-tools' independent of locale 3 years ago
timeline-tools.el Make going back and forth in timeline buffers more robust 1 year ago