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Daniel - ae77ece055
Do not disable package initialization on startup
This is some relic from former configurations, and might have been wrong quite
some time now.  However, in Emacs 27+, package initialization is done before
loading user-init-file, and thus we don't have to do it by hand.  Before that,
package initialization was done after reading user-init-file, but before calling
after-init-hook, and since we needed to load some packages in the init file, we
had to initialize package.el ourselves.
2020-08-27 15:22:00 +02:00
Daniel - ed7266bd65
Move package initialization to early-init.el
This is done in preparation for using Emacs 27.1, which sources this file
automatically before package activation.
2020-08-15 16:50:40 +02:00