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Daniel Borchmann 25abde2d9c
Rewrite `db/run-or-hide-shell' to mimic EShell counterpart 2020-07-31 15:58:37 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 6cca84cdb5
Add standard shortcut for `org-clock-goto'
That even works with C-u, wohoo!
2020-07-26 10:23:06 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann f8596e1028
Set default shell to bash
That's not only good enough, but also much more predictable than using the
currently used shell.  Customize `explicit-shell-file-name' if you don't want
2020-07-25 11:20:55 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann e0e867b812
Add link to alphapapa's Emacs Package Dev Cookbook 2020-07-25 11:01:01 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann b49018129b
Remove trailing whitespace when copying templates for periodic tasks 2020-07-18 19:13:04 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann ac815a06f1
Close window when hiding current shell
For eshell we do the same.
2020-07-12 13:00:28 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 1252023886
Use flycheck instead of flymake for Python
Not sure whether this configuration will actually work in all cases, but it's a
2020-07-12 12:54:54 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 7b5648730b
Ignore locally created virtual Python enviroments 2020-07-11 21:06:49 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 91e67329eb
Remove workaround for eldoc-mode in Python
Turns out the reason was another version of `python-mode' being installed in
parallel.  Removing that mode fixed the issue.  Standard `python-mode' together
with elpy is sufficient for now.
2020-07-11 21:03:41 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann d61de4b7a5
Globally disable `semantic-idle-summary-mode'
It's interfering with `eldoc-mode' when programming Python, and likely not
necessary globally.  Enable it for particular modes when needed.
2020-07-11 20:52:07 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 7a729aa006
Add missing information for complex TODO capture templates
The first tasks for complex tasks and tickets should be TODO items.
2020-07-10 22:18:17 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 0885c3b648
Add missing Org Mode state trigger for empty keyword
Then a project is set on hold, the HOLD keyword is added.  When reverting the
hold state, projects go back to not having a keyword.  In this case, the HOLD
tag remains, because the old trigger definition was missing a case for the empty
keyword.  This is now fixed.
2020-07-06 17:13:27 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 7ae1636f87
Add custom agenda view for projects
In our configuration, projects are headlines without TODO keywords, that are
neither periodic tasks nor dates (dates usually have todo keywords, namely GOTO
or ATTN, but sometimes dates are just for information, and then the keyword is
missing).  Additionally, projects are not tagged with NOP.

This listing helps to see the current projects one is working on.
2020-07-04 17:13:27 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann af7af1a59c
Add missing trigger for DELG keyword 2020-07-04 15:12:57 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 7f0ba45716
Reset HOLD and WAIT tags when switching to default TODO item 2020-07-04 14:09:55 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann e039cfb658
Filter waiting tasks by tag, not keyword
This is possible because the state triggers are working correctly now.

Note: add the WAIT keyword to all existing waiting tasks, or otherwise this
the Unsupervised view will not work correctly!
2020-07-04 14:03:48 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 01362ff804
Fix org state triggers for WAIT and HOLD todo states
The definition for general todo keywords overwrote the definition for WAIT and
HOLD, thus the corresponding tags where not set automatically.
2020-07-04 14:02:06 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 1ab462f759
Do not show tasks on hold in main todo agenda view 2020-07-04 13:59:24 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 06f243a068
Fix overview of tasks on hold
When filtering for tags instead of todo keywords, inheritance kicks in and makes
handling tasks on hold much easier: the relevant headline can be set on hold,
and all subtasks are automatically on hold as well.
2020-07-04 13:55:21 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 8cd9fd2376
Increase column width in general todo list view
At work a larger margin is necessary.
2020-07-04 13:54:41 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 3d14e85a00
Move view of stuck tasks to Unsupervised View
That's where it belongs.
2020-07-04 12:40:18 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann e5d64fec21
Show efforts in main todo agenda view 2020-07-04 12:40:12 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann b1b67e7ffe
Update default value of `org-agenda-prefix-format'
This matches my current customization and should thus be the default.
2020-07-04 12:39:42 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 4084e0ccae
Do not refile to elements of periodic tasks
If separate things should be done, generate a separate item for it, or leave
some note at the corresponding series element.  Periodic tasks are quite rigid
and should not be used for collecting individual subtasks.
2020-07-04 11:43:19 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann b5b16a3791
Rework custom agenda views
The agendas for monthly reviews and notes are gone, I don't use them.  My
monthly review does not look at the agenda at all, only at my backlog.
Searching notes is done using Org's search functionality, and it's working very

The „Everything“ agenda has been renamed to „Unsupervised“.  The name
„Everything“ is not apt anymore, as this view clusters items that are not
displayed in the main agenda or are stuck.  The name „Unsupervised“ is a little
bit better, but may also change in the future.

Add a new view for listing all items that are not periodic and not part of the
personal backlog (i.e., not tagged with SOMEWHEN).  This list should help
getting an overview over the current workload of real TODO tasks.  Note that
both periodic tasks (tagged with PERIODIC, i.e., series of tasks) and regular
tasks (tagged with REGULAR, i.e., repeating tasks) are excluded from this list.

Descriptions of agenda views have been extended whereever it felt necessary.
2020-07-04 11:33:38 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann edf9afa68f
Readd hydra for shortcuts
Turns out I am using those shortcuts indeed, but forget about it ;)
2020-07-01 21:28:55 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann d1c4ad5b5d
Remove unused `db/org-clock-current-task' 2020-07-01 17:16:39 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 4f063c5e6b
Fix misinterpretation of percent sign in org-clock hydra 2020-07-01 17:15:13 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 2fd03dcf33
Restructure capture templates
The template for simple tasks should be simple, but got more complex in the last
change.  This mistake is reverted with this commit, and the usual "t" can now be
used again for simple tasks.  The "T" shortcut now provides capture templates
for complex tasks, but since complex tasks are both manifold and rarer, the
capture templates are provided with two-letter shortcuts.
2020-06-30 16:40:05 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 72768b659f
Print result of `db/ntp-to-time' when called interactively
Otherwise no result is displayed.
2020-06-27 12:27:42 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 5b6dcfe8d2
When switching themes, only do so temporarily
If changes need to be done permanently, customize `custom-enabled-themes'.
2020-06-27 11:16:49 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 67efe7f4c2
Set basic fonts in custom themes 2020-06-27 11:08:17 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 2e229c5af9
Explicitly define setter functions for timeline tooling
This is more explicitly and allows for more flexiblity.  Let's hope the
performance impact is not prohibitive, though.
2020-06-27 10:38:13 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann dd27018420
Rename main music hydra and move it to `db-music'
The `db-music' package is supposed to be an abstract interface to music
functionality, and should thus define the main hydra for this.  Moreover, the
hydra should not contain „emms“ in it's name, although it's using only EMMS

It's not clear whether EMMS will every be replaced by some other backend, but
it's nicer to have a (more or less) clear separation between user frontend and
implementation backend.
2020-06-27 10:16:53 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann fa1344bf4e
Silence another byte-compiler warning 2020-06-27 10:12:46 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann b5d7b57b27
Use `autoload instead' of `declare-function' 2020-06-27 10:11:13 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 6183e008d7
Remove unused `hydra-shortcuts'
The idea of having a hydra to access frequently used features is certainly nice,
but quite hard to achive when one wants to redefine the hydra every time
`db/frequently-used-features' changes.  Regrettably, there are not „ephemeral
hydras“ that are created every time one would like to access it.  Therefore, the
shortcuts hydra is removed for now, but may come back again when we have found a
better way to handle its dynamic nature.
2020-06-27 10:08:39 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann c96083c871
Declare `w32-shell-execute' to silence byte-compiler 2020-06-27 09:42:16 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann a9c3fbe3ba
Include all tests when checking personal packages 2020-06-27 09:38:08 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann f1932e7032
Fix precision error in `db/ntp-to-time'
A curcial step in the conversion, namly the computation of the actual time from
the seconds since the epoch, had been conducted with too little precision.  Now
the precision is fixed to a high value throughout the whole computation, and the
tests succeed again.
2020-06-27 09:35:31 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann b5ed51d8e8
Silence most byte-compiler warnings in `db-utils' 2020-06-27 09:03:23 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 46d9973146
Move last Org Mode utility function from `db-utils' to `db-org' 2020-06-27 08:56:53 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 0583c08cda
Move Org Mode utilities to `db-org'
`db-utils', the original place, is used for general purpose utility functions.
2020-06-26 23:21:37 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann ee4f543a8c
Require building all elisp files when testing the code
Compilation is part of the testing.
2020-06-26 23:08:29 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 5009eb39f9
Move eshell popup function to `db-eshell'
That's where it belongs.
2020-06-26 23:08:00 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 32b424de24
Add missing require for `timeline-tools' 2020-06-26 23:02:09 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 501060c05a
Silence byte-compiler in `db-eshell' 2020-06-26 22:59:46 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 60808bee7d
Fix requirements for `db-emms' 2020-06-26 22:50:01 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann f163e925b8
Silence byte-compiler in custom mail handling code 2020-06-26 22:49:44 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 7dbe2445ac
Remove obsolete cache playlist functionality
It has been replaced by a git-annex powered backend long ago.
2020-06-26 22:29:44 +02:00