236 Commits (732323edfc0761e53baaa954bb9ba893c10e80ca)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Daniel 732323edfc
Ensure to always return a marker when inserting links to other items 7 months ago
Daniel 00ca4c0276
Minorly simplify definition of Org linking hydra 7 months ago
Daniel 22058b1568
Allow adding links to other items without refile verification 7 months ago
Daniel d6584ef521
Fix signature of frame hook function 7 months ago
Daniel d7b2ad0b71
Extend docstring for hydra-org-linking 7 months ago
Daniel fd14313b9b
Only warn about RESET_CHECK_BOXES if it's really there 7 months ago
Daniel 7833e28185
Make checkdoc happy about db-org 7 months ago
Daniel 6e8b878b4d
Warn when using the deprecated RESET_CHECK_BOXES property 7 months ago
Daniel 78b202aed7
Introduce hydra for managing links between Org mode items 7 months ago
Daniel 77920dd9a2
Move cursor forward when inserting link to current clock 7 months ago
Daniel eae1590e68
Add function to add link to currently clocked-in task 7 months ago
Daniel fde876a972
Restrict listing of link targets to current buffer by default 7 months ago
Daniel 7bfd185514
Add missing require statement for cl-lib 9 months ago
Daniel 9efb765b5a
Extend documentation for agenda effort summation functions 9 months ago
Daniel 6ba5fdad61
Fix bug in agenda effort summation if nothing there to display 9 months ago
Daniel 7582c2065e
Include timestamps in org agenda effort summation 9 months ago
Daniel 9cf17c973f
Show sum of daily efforts directly in the agenda 9 months ago
Daniel 4ecafaa411
Allow to refile under periodic tasks 1 year ago
Daniel 9907b1b2ae
Allow remote links and backling search for more headlines 1 year ago
Daniel 669ecb6e4f
Trying to make backling searching work for custom-id links 1 year ago
Daniel 4efb8cfe18
Use org-store-link for adding links to other items 1 year ago
Daniel 68c6423cae
Fix docstring 1 year ago
Daniel ff184ec47a
Check whether we are in Org Mode before inserting remote link 1 year ago
Daniel 1c065bb46b
Add simple function to insert links to other items at point 1 year ago
Daniel f7ddab7696
Fix error message 1 year ago
Daniel dd30d5d7be
Set default buffer when querying for Org Mode headlines 1 year ago
Daniel b0a36749e6
Refactor Org Mode link finder function 1 year ago
Daniel c219d77ab9
Query for headline in link finder function when outside of Org Mode 1 year ago
Daniel 994be97397
Fix consistency check for link finder function 1 year ago
Daniel cde56c819e
Extend backward link searching function 1 year ago
Daniel a6f77f8d71
Add simple helper function to find items linking to the current one 1 year ago
Daniel 685d55cf93
Do not require main notes file to be part of org-agenda-files 1 year ago
Daniel 14cfae155a
Add some documentation for custom agenda deadline listing 1 year ago
Daniel 03f23b11fb
Copy complete template for periodic tasks 1 year ago
Daniel 1ba91b3271
Introduce dedicated variable for main Org Mode file 1 year ago
Daniel b49018129b
Remove trailing whitespace when copying templates for periodic tasks 1 year ago
Daniel 4084e0ccae
Do not refile to elements of periodic tasks 1 year ago
Daniel d1c4ad5b5d
Remove unused `db/org-clock-current-task' 1 year ago
Daniel 4f063c5e6b
Fix misinterpretation of percent sign in org-clock hydra 1 year ago
Daniel fa1344bf4e
Silence another byte-compiler warning 1 year ago
Daniel b5d7b57b27
Use `autoload instead' of `declare-function' 1 year ago
Daniel c96083c871
Declare `w32-shell-execute' to silence byte-compiler 1 year ago
Daniel 46d9973146
Move last Org Mode utility function from `db-utils' to `db-org' 1 year ago
Daniel 0583c08cda
Move Org Mode utilities to `db-org' 1 year ago
Daniel 755fb23e2b
Replace `org-get-tags-at' by 'org-get-tags' 1 year ago
Daniel b2709c0187
Add missing require for `db-org' 1 year ago
Daniel 1cad9cc186
Remove obsolete `db/cmp-date-property' function 1 year ago
Daniel 336ee9d7c4
Incorporate some suggestions from the byte compiler 1 year ago
Daniel bec4bc13a2
Add new PERIODIC tag for recurring tasks 2 years ago
Daniel 38f7fd7c88
Move some more custom org mode link handlers to `db-org' 2 years ago