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Daniel Borchmann 24aaf17d0e
Obey display rules when switching buffers manually
Set as per recommendation from
2023-01-30 19:56:43 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 8ba3d91880
Remove explicit value for :wrap header arg in default list
It does not seem to be possible to overwrite this setting in individual src
2023-01-25 19:42:19 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 624aa84a79
Explicitly set default Org babel header args
It's clearer that way.  Also wrap results in a text src block by default,
instead of in a src block of the same language as the executing block.
2023-01-23 18:26:54 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 12e3d1fcd0
Load Org babel support for sql by default 2023-01-21 18:44:44 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann b34ca3263f
Fix accidental typo in package declaration 2023-01-21 11:14:45 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 734beb154d
Sort and clean up general programming configuration
`counsel-projectile` is gone, have not used it (directly?) or a long time.
2023-01-21 11:12:44 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann c048d4dc29
Remove some redundant use-package declaration for magit-repos
This package is automatically loaded by magit.
2023-01-21 11:10:52 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann f762ed10de
Move some package configuration to builtin section 2023-01-21 11:06:22 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann db381a428c
Reorder configuration for basic builtin packages
This should help to keep this section clean and structured.
2023-01-21 10:55:27 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 1d50213f49
Allow external renderes for unsupported image formats 2023-01-21 10:52:42 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann a3f8a95c4b
Disable automatic pining of unknown hosts
See for more
2023-01-21 10:52:23 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann e5577f8094
Fix `org-read-date` not recognizing hh:mm parts on startup
The problem seems to be the dynamically scoped variable `org-time-was-given`,
which is used by `org-read-date` to decided whether an hh:mm part is present.
The variable `org-time-was-given` is set by `org-read-date-analyze`, but only
when it's (globally) bound, which it is not on startup (since it's only declared
via `defvar`).  Manually setting the variable to nil binds the variable and
everything seems to work nicely.
2023-01-16 19:13:26 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann c1476df9e8
Ignore done tasks in "Tasks on hold" agenda view 2023-01-16 17:09:33 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann f3354790c2
Include also non-tasks in HOLD agenda view
use case: GOALs may just be tagged with :HOLD: but do not have to have the HOLD
keyword; in this case, they should also appear in this agenda view, since they
will not be shown in the stuck agenda view anymore (among others).
2023-01-15 14:07:44 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 41ea9114b4
Deprecate sdvc in favor of the builtin dictionary lookup now also includes Webster's 1913 dictionary as per
Irreal (
2023-01-14 20:41:03 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann a557e7420d
Ignore HOLD items in SOMEWHEN list 2022-12-30 10:51:55 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann b5f88be7e8
Fix return value of our around advice for `org-store-link`
Turns out `org-store-link` actually returns something and other code (e.g.,
`org-capture`) depends on this.  Fix this, and on the way also recognize the
special case where `org-store-link` does not update `org-stored-links`.
2022-12-22 11:11:37 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 8511ebb82a
Replace personal function redefinitions with around advices
This way the original function definition is left intact and can be found via
the help buffer.

The manual overwrite of `org-ql--link-regexp` has been left as it is, as it's a
`cl-defun` definition and I am not quite sure how turn this into an ELisp around
advice without breaking things.

The manual fix for `enriched-decode-display-prop` has also been left untouched,
maybe this should be an around advice as well?
2022-12-21 09:46:58 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 1eee33ea5d
Replace some one-time advices with define-advice
From my point of view, this makes it clearer that the functions thus defined are
not meant to be used anywhere else.

Some one-time `advice-add` calls are still there, though, mostly because the
associated functions would be too long to inline them directly into their
present locations.
2022-12-20 14:21:48 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann a54ade74a4
Push links to Org items always to top of currently known links
When adding a link to an item via `org-store-link`, and the link is not known
yet, the links is always put at the beginning of the list of currently known
links, as stored in `org-stored-links`.  This allows to conveniently insert this
link via `org-insert-link` by just choosing the first element of the list, which
is selected by default.

However, when the link to the requested item is already present in
`org-stored-links`, the link is not pushed to the beginning of
`org-stored-links` by `org-store-link`, but kept where it is.  When calling
`org-insert-link` to insert a link to the item, manual selection of the correct
link is required, which is annoying and unnecessarily interrupting the current
workflow.  Even worse, when overlooking the notification that the link is
already stored, one will assume that the link to the requested item is at the
top of `org-stored-links` (which is isn't), subsequently inserting false links
when blindly calling `org-insert-link`.  (Yes, this has happend to me …)

This patch fixes this issue by ensuring that links to items (regardless whether
they have already been known or not) are always put at the front of the
`org-stored-links`.  This patch also removes the rarely used
`db/org-clear-stored-links` function, whose purpose was to provide some kind of
workaround, but turned out not to be convenient enough to actually be
used (because it also removed potentially useful links when clearing the cache).
2022-12-20 08:46:47 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 46581c8867
Fix some indentation 2022-12-19 10:19:06 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 260840aa0a
Move Org mode link abbreviations to :init block
This allows to overwrite the default value via customization.
2022-12-19 10:18:15 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 817186dd0a
Update list of Org link abbreviations
Add the two famous git plattforms and stick to HTTPS exclusively.
2022-12-19 10:14:44 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 11e51d7890
Add some Org link abbreviations for personal convenience 2022-12-19 10:09:04 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann f798d8f952
Remove duplicate definition for how to handle invisible edits in Org
Also change the default value to `show-and-error`, this seems the most
reasonable for my workflow.
2022-12-16 13:54:29 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 461f212529
Simplify file pattern query for grep
The original version of `grep-read-files` includes file names in its default
values, giving an irritating completion candidate list when used with ivy.
Changed this to just let `completing-read` do the completion itself.
2022-12-15 16:29:36 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 3428a5fe55
Add some consistency checks for custom agenda views 2022-12-10 11:34:19 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 2daf19249c
Add experimental NOT_BEFORE filter to custom agenda views
This is supposed to be the dual to DEADLINE, and shall someday release the
SCHEDULED property from its semantics to not display things before a certain
date (then the SCHEDULED property can be solely used to mean that things should
be done on a specific date).

However, the NOT_BEFORE property needs some more consistency checks, as
otherwise items that have a NOT_BEFORE property that's too far in the future may
be overlooked.  Is this something for the monthly review?
2022-12-10 10:48:30 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 24634132d8
Unify custom agendas on how to ignore future items
Always use property matches for this, as it's more direct to me to understand
what the actual search criteria are (even if these are a bit slower).  Also use
`<today>` instead of `<now>` to ignore the time part and always fall back to
00:00 time; this should avoid intra-day changes of whether an item appears on a
list or not.
2022-12-10 10:38:05 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 3cbc7c1178
Make Org agenda clock jumping consistent with that in Org buffers
This means: also rebind `org-clock-goto` in agenda buffers to
`db/org-clock-goto-first-open-checkbox` to jump to the first open checkbox if
2022-12-03 09:52:24 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann b78facbf4c
Also jump to first open checkbox with Org mode's default keybinding
I actually always want to jump to the first checkbox, not just when explicitly
asking for it.
2022-11-25 18:32:46 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 64bc1c762b
Jump to first open checkbox in currently clocked-in item by default
When no open checkbox is found, just jump to the headline of the item, as
2022-11-19 16:09:38 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 06ec5f3d9e
Do not use Common Lisp indentation by default
Somehow this does not meet my aesthetic expectations of how ELisp code should
look like …
2022-11-12 15:47:30 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 43d9049307
Remove redundant agenda prefix definitions
These definitions are easily covered by the global setting of
`org-agenda-prefix-format` and can thus also be customized now.  Note that this
yields some extra space with the default setting, as the entries of the custom
project agenda usually do not have an effort property set – but I think this is
easily bearable.
2022-10-28 16:02:56 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 0249856e51
Record more information when changing state
At least add the times, that almost never hurts.
2022-10-26 20:52:11 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 50c911b0c4
Remove redundant check condition from custom agenda view
TOPICs are now allows to be sub-items of non-TOPICs.
2022-10-26 20:46:28 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann af3d56929a
Introduce first version of a "merged" keyword
This is to signify that an Org mode item has been merged into another item,
indendent of whether the items itself has been done yet, is still in progress,
or has been cancelled.
2022-10-26 20:42:09 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann b558b1e741
Remove redundant restrictions in tags-todo custom agenda views
`tags-todo` will only list non-done items by default.
2022-10-26 20:40:39 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 4997f21bec
Do not recenter Org agenda after refreshing
This advice is experimental.  It should actually not move point, but after
executing `org-agenda-redo-all`, point is at the first position of the buffer.
Further investigation necessary.
2022-10-15 17:05:05 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 93fee67983
Remove obsolete eshell magit command
Just use `magit` directly, eshell understands this.
2022-10-13 17:22:31 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 754e22dc77
Update function name and docstring for Org template copy function
We are now not merely copying a template from another item, but more abstractly
insert a checklist consisting of backlinks and a template.  Update docstring and
function name to reflect that, but keep the old name of `db/org-copy-template`
as an obsolete alias.
2022-10-09 11:22:36 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 799f1be1f6
Remove obsolete template copying functions
Everything is now covered by `db/org-copy-template`.
2022-10-09 09:56:09 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann e1123a8205
Sort TOPICs in project agenda according to global settings
Removed accidentally overwritten sorting startegy.
2022-10-07 15:21:47 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 4308f2e8a5
Do not indent TOPIC overview
Assuming that items above TOPICs are also always TOPICs turned out to be wrong,
and an indented display is thus misleading at best.
2022-09-25 15:23:06 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 9b1e12a94c
Include deadlines in main agenda view when they are due 2022-09-23 07:28:15 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann a5969f6ab3
Add note to Org item when refiling
Nice add-on would be to automatically add a link to the new parent when
refiling, so that I can find all (former and current) sub-items by searching for
backlinks.  This does not seem to be supported out of the box, is it?
2022-09-22 09:35:56 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 8e534045d2
Explicitly activate some text-mode-hooks in Org mode
Apparently, text-mode-hooks are not run in Org mode?  So let's add them
2022-09-11 18:34:03 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann a339cbf75b
Move up list of task to be continued
This should emphasize the usage of this list as a shortlist of tasks to do next.
2022-09-10 16:04:32 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann e66c0d59ee
Reorder some global hooks 2022-09-10 13:56:26 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 88a60e29cf
Add references to issues in org-ql
This should allow to remove those workarounds as soon as the corresponding
issues are fixed upstream.
2022-09-10 10:16:13 +02:00