1394 Commits (1916eb67362f2af8e62a38aef122441fc314dee3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Daniel 0dbc839c45
Do not forward mails as RFC822 MIME by default 11 months ago
Daniel bac20f30c3
Disable candidate restriction in ivy 11 months ago
Daniel 0e21e68aca
Fix typo in variable assignment 11 months ago
Daniel bc95317b2b
Include ivy-hydra 11 months ago
Daniel e7b50ed3d4
Provide more completion in Org roam buffers 11 months ago
Daniel 0fe34a99bb
Fix call to obsolete function in magit initialization 11 months ago
Daniel b51153e587
Update dash 11 months ago
Daniel 8d7302f38d
Revert "Do not enable company completion in Org Mode buffers by default" 11 months ago
Daniel 2a02120a1d
Disable native handling of tabs in org source blocks 11 months ago
Daniel d9807d915c
Use ivy for region completion again 12 months ago
Daniel 41e79fa130
Use dired-open also on Windows 12 months ago
Daniel 6d3dada560
Open HTML files in Emacs by default 12 months ago
Daniel 29ab4d6335
Always create standalone documents from markdown files 12 months ago
Daniel 6e23836a1d
Always use pandoc for markdown export 12 months ago
Daniel 5b7671ba7f
Always generate standalone docx documents from org files 12 months ago
Daniel b40c8672bc
Add explicit autoload for gnus-registry-split-with-parent 12 months ago
Daniel 904f7e6902
Make sure mails are also encrypted to self 12 months ago
Daniel 56c9f940ce
Fix line-ending issues with MIME and Outlook 12 months ago
Daniel 106d13519c
Do not enable helm-mode globally 12 months ago
Daniel d105b7765f
Do not use counsel for listing bookmarks 12 months ago
Daniel 459fdff428
Enable helm completion in region (and others) 12 months ago
Daniel 31f3cc58d2
Remove temporary fix to support gpgsm S/MIME verification 1 year ago
Daniel 57515fff34
Restructure Gnus' MIME configuration 1 year ago
Daniel 33394059ad
Dim backgrounds when ace-window selection is on 1 year ago
Daniel 26a22fe551
Ignore temporary flycheck files 1 year ago
Daniel 421a272733
Do not ask for automatic password storage 1 year ago
Daniel ea4a165897
Decrease default font height 1 year ago
Daniel 8fba9cad3b
Add default notes file as standard refile target 1 year ago
Daniel 81e193e1bc
Globally enable Gnus' scoring 1 year ago
Daniel 0ea56b203b
Do not show tabs in tab-bar-mode 1 year ago
Daniel 94c1c76e4d
Add some minor default configuration for tab-bar 1 year ago
Daniel ebf14b6643
Rebind global toggle hydra to not shadow tab-bar mode keys 1 year ago
Daniel 6742695f53
Enable flycheck mode in Emacs Lisp only when buffer has a file 1 year ago
Daniel 9e84ba5251
Ensure sandbox link to local .emacs.d directory is created properly 1 year ago
Daniel 0cf2ba7d1e
Add compile and test targets to phony list 1 year ago
Daniel d36bebec90
Mark phony targets in Makefile as such 1 year ago
Daniel 6fa623d9d7
Add simple makefile target to start a sandbox version of Emacs 1 year ago
Daniel 5ba0b27ec4
Warn if global key bindings for helm are not available 1 year ago
Daniel 822b8a7430
Do not load default configuration from elsewhere 1 year ago
Daniel 79b11b864e
Ensure packages for general appearance are installed 1 year ago
Daniel 439c4ff1e5
Add simple target for removing all locally installed packages 1 year ago
Daniel 243fb9179f
Ensure flycheck is available when needed 1 year ago
Daniel 26ae993c1b
Set default file name for abbreviations 1 year ago
Daniel 4555e0f789
Remove delay when sending freshly completed input in eshell 1 year ago
Daniel b39894e6a6
Reorder helm-emms default sources 1 year ago
Daniel 4d6aaf5711
Resolve some flycheck hints 1 year ago
Daniel fe5c7c2bd2
Use xref for dumb-jump 1 year ago
Daniel 330a52a40f
Enable flycheck for Emacs Lisp by default 1 year ago
Daniel 3f10d6e415
Use locally installed version of `helm-emms' 1 year ago
Daniel 78edfa6c75
Let flycheck use the current load-path as load path 1 year ago