588 Commits (1916eb67362f2af8e62a38aef122441fc314dee3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Daniel 1916eb6736
Move point when inserting link to other Org mode item 8 months ago
Daniel 96638b09e4
Allow to show backlinks directly from Org agenda buffers 8 months ago
Daniel 732323edfc
Ensure to always return a marker when inserting links to other items 8 months ago
Daniel 00ca4c0276
Minorly simplify definition of Org linking hydra 8 months ago
Daniel 22058b1568
Allow adding links to other items without refile verification 8 months ago
Daniel d6584ef521
Fix signature of frame hook function 8 months ago
Daniel d7b2ad0b71
Extend docstring for hydra-org-linking 9 months ago
Daniel fd14313b9b
Only warn about RESET_CHECK_BOXES if it's really there 9 months ago
Daniel 7833e28185
Make checkdoc happy about db-org 9 months ago
Daniel 6e8b878b4d
Warn when using the deprecated RESET_CHECK_BOXES property 9 months ago
Daniel bfcca623dc
Make checkdoc happy about db-hydras package 9 months ago
Daniel 78b202aed7
Introduce hydra for managing links between Org mode items 9 months ago
Daniel 77920dd9a2
Move cursor forward when inserting link to current clock 9 months ago
Daniel eae1590e68
Add function to add link to currently clocked-in task 9 months ago
Daniel fde876a972
Restrict listing of link targets to current buffer by default 9 months ago
Daniel 1788ceb0f4
Resolve flycheck warnings in db-music 9 months ago
Daniel b0df6465f8
Remove duplicate overwrite confirmation when updating playlist 9 months ago
Daniel f982f37d69
Use relative file names when updating playlist 9 months ago
Daniel 1df794ebf2
Omit null strings when updating playlists 9 months ago
Daniel 015d218431
Fix wrong handling of EMMS' current playlist buffer during export 9 months ago
Daniel b148c41c98
Sort tracks in auto-generated playlists by title and author 9 months ago
Daniel 8039aad605
Update docstring for git-annex playlist generation function 10 months ago
Daniel 7bfd185514
Add missing require statement for cl-lib 10 months ago
Daniel 9efb765b5a
Extend documentation for agenda effort summation functions 10 months ago
Daniel 6ba5fdad61
Fix bug in agenda effort summation if nothing there to display 10 months ago
Daniel 7582c2065e
Include timestamps in org agenda effort summation 10 months ago
Daniel 9cf17c973f
Show sum of daily efforts directly in the agenda 10 months ago
Daniel e4f02647a2
Refactor code to update magit's repository list to separate function 11 months ago
Daniel a49d7fc76d
Remove calls to some obsolete CL functions 11 months ago
Daniel 56c9f940ce
Fix line-ending issues with MIME and Outlook 12 months ago
Daniel 6742695f53
Enable flycheck mode in Emacs Lisp only when buffer has a file 1 year ago
Daniel 44c23b7a28
Do not partially fetch articles 1 year ago
Daniel 4ecafaa411
Allow to refile under periodic tasks 1 year ago
Daniel 9907b1b2ae
Allow remote links and backling search for more headlines 1 year ago
Daniel 669ecb6e4f
Trying to make backling searching work for custom-id links 1 year ago
Daniel 4efb8cfe18
Use org-store-link for adding links to other items 1 year ago
Daniel 68c6423cae
Fix docstring 1 year ago
Daniel ff184ec47a
Check whether we are in Org Mode before inserting remote link 1 year ago
Daniel 1c065bb46b
Add simple function to insert links to other items at point 1 year ago
Daniel f7ddab7696
Fix error message 1 year ago
Daniel dd30d5d7be
Set default buffer when querying for Org Mode headlines 1 year ago
Daniel b0a36749e6
Refactor Org Mode link finder function 1 year ago
Daniel c219d77ab9
Query for headline in link finder function when outside of Org Mode 1 year ago
Daniel 994be97397
Fix consistency check for link finder function 1 year ago
Daniel cde56c819e
Extend backward link searching function 1 year ago
Daniel a6f77f8d71
Add simple helper function to find items linking to the current one 1 year ago
Daniel a2ce6ebc59
Show current zoom level in corresponding hydra 1 year ago
Daniel 57044376be
Do not treat dotfiles as projects 1 year ago
Daniel 2c4cada1da
Also look into org-agenda-files when checking for missing bookmarks 1 year ago
Daniel ce9a2f51eb
Add linting function for project management 1 year ago