1533 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Daniel 50362f4d27
Allow to ignore stuck projects that are scheduled in the future 2 days ago
Daniel efb7500202
Add original value as default when changing Org item headlines 2 weeks ago
Daniel d23a8dc817
Fix adding notes when updating headlines 2 weeks ago
Daniel 4a5b363ead
Show items in main agenda view that are not scheduled in the future 3 weeks ago
Daniel 407f5d70f2
Add newlines when inserting templates 3 weeks ago
Daniel 1fa15e6736
Clean up local Emacs notes 1 month ago
Daniel 4ae5bc87dd
Reduce Gnus registry size 1 month ago
Daniel 5bc7c70882
Add function to copy template of Org Mode item to location at point 1 month ago
Daniel 092cbd653d
Ignore SOMEWHEN items on waiting-for list 1 month ago
Daniel ded3e93e78
Add some missing autoload statements 1 month ago
Daniel 80eeca1e44
Add simple function to find template via special property 1 month ago
Daniel eafebe1cb9
Add simple function to directly render html from a file 1 month ago
Daniel cedaae00e8
Make template copy function more robust 1 month ago
Daniel 159c8c0eb6
First check for major mode when update Org item headline 2 months ago
Daniel 5c36dba12c
Make function to update Org item headlines also work in agenda 2 months ago
Daniel 25a7051c12
Add function to update headline of Org mode item and log note 2 months ago
Daniel d5d6c9ecb2
Try out special behavior of C-a and C-e in Org mode 2 months ago
Daniel 901d557c0b
Add backlog overview over all next items, regardless of schedule 2 months ago
Daniel 56693defa3
Temporarily disable moody modeline 3 months ago
Daniel 6064f0e4b3
Add more test cases for base45 decoder 3 months ago
Daniel b072e32988
Add more test cases for base45 decoder function 3 months ago
Daniel 24bb768e3d
Simplify character conversion in base45-decode-string 3 months ago
Daniel f1c3af9ea7
Add some regression tests for base45 decoder 3 months ago
Daniel f52f48273a
Allow input of base45 decoder to also contain lower-case letters 3 months ago
Daniel 0edfe4406c
Enable dash fontification and symbol lookup 3 months ago
Daniel e15be73bc1
Fix insertion of text from hex numbers 3 months ago
Daniel a8cfeaf69f
Add simple function for base45 decoding 3 months ago
Daniel ef2932fed7
Always print two bytes when converting text to hex 3 months ago
Daniel 0d1fe48e6f
Allow to copy template from outside of current file 3 months ago
Daniel 747e505fda
Revert "Exclude NOTEs as refile targets" 3 months ago
Daniel 6b5d40b09b
Update local copy of plantuml-mode 3 months ago
Daniel 5b10f83303
Fix typo 3 months ago
Daniel c17bc4c1ab
Explicitly set frame title when current Org task changes 3 months ago
Daniel 6277e0b104
Removed capture templates that add stuff to the current clock 3 months ago
Daniel aae46c2b0e
Do not show projects on hold in main project list 3 months ago
Daniel 1ddda3a730
Globally activate tab-bar-mode 3 months ago
Daniel 90b6e91051
Exclude NOTEs as refile targets 3 months ago
Daniel b952504c81
Fix org mode category refresh when redisplaying timelines 4 months ago
Daniel 31e2067050
Enable hl-line-mode individually 4 months ago
Daniel b80271d299
Disable completion in Org Mode buffers 4 months ago
Daniel ef3ad78c18
Globally highlight the current line 4 months ago
Daniel 2586bf8f18
Do not show waiting-for items that are on hold 4 months ago
Daniel fdd921d9ff
Indent lines after open parens as blocks 4 months ago
Daniel 28a6a86cc4
Merge Reading list with Next Action lists 4 months ago
Daniel 835cd6d091
Update background color for tab-bar-mode 4 months ago
Daniel Borchmann 96d0c459cc
Add custom tab-bar definitions for solarized-dark 4 months ago
Daniel 9a106d8f0c
Unconditionally use rgrep when searching for files 5 months ago
Daniel 16d5dd4847
Disable global semantic-mode key bindings 5 months ago
Daniel e95f868c9d
Change default TRAMP method to scp 5 months ago
Daniel d8691928b0
Do not keep inserted links in history 5 months ago