1452 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Daniel 4222db03b8
Add default values for plantuml-mode 2 days ago
  Daniel 1a7afdf85e
Ensure that some essential packages are always installed 4 days ago
  Daniel c2f2b23a6c
Add stop shortcut for main music hydra 1 week ago
  Daniel 4dfdee33ad
Disable archive mode in Weekly Review overview 1 week ago
  Daniel c4bb9a9a76
Group configuration of Gnus agent for better readablity 1 week ago
  Daniel 73e8ded9da
Store gnus configuration files in the private conf directory 1 week ago
  Daniel 9e4ea4591c
Update dash 1 week ago
  Daniel fea692a113
By default, only show closed items on Org angeda log mode 2 weeks ago
  Daniel 97d45a8874
Ignore waiting-fors that are scheduled at any time 3 weeks ago
  Daniel 4bc26adbcb
Explicitly activate global-git-commit-mode 3 weeks ago
  Daniel b8c98d08ef
Ignore scheduled items on the Waiting-For list 1 month ago
  Daniel b0fead9778
Add colon to reply capture template 1 month ago
  Daniel 4b1eb2e322
Sort items in Waiting-For list by priority and category 1 month ago
  Daniel e5c7494622
Fix wrong definition of org capture template for interruptions 1 month ago
  Daniel a269047a0d
Fix Org capture templates for Read and Response 1 month ago
  Daniel 6c4daa1cf5
Move reading list to main overview 1 month ago
  Daniel 299ab9d147
Sort next actions by category in addition to priority 1 month ago
  Daniel fb245e6358
Display next action list in main agenda view 1 month ago
  Daniel 0899a9079e
Clean up all links in headline when linking to it 1 month ago
  Daniel 7960f763f4
Keep headline around links when linking to them 1 month ago
  Daniel 268ddeb1aa
Avoid complete links in descriptions when adding links to Org items 1 month ago
  Daniel d6d2d4787d
Do not immediately finish capture when responding to mails 1 month ago
  Daniel a9ffee27f4
Bind scroll-lock-mode to Scroll-Lock-Mode key 1 month ago
  Daniel a6a85cdb8b
Use only file name in Org mode refile targets instead of buffer name 1 month ago
  Daniel 453c6e37bf
Add missing parenthesis 1 month ago
  Daniel a0b1f4df0d
Do not use `org-store-link` when inserting links to other items 1 month ago
  Daniel 3bbf747aca
Do not include SOMEWHEN items in reading list 1 month ago
  Daniel c0351f39b9
Extend agenda view for current projects 1 month ago
  Daniel 323a59b622
Separate Next Action list from Reading list 1 month ago
  Daniel f21ae7576a
Do not include READ actions on the SOMEWHEN list 1 month ago
  Daniel 41bfbf9288
Experimentally include the READ list in the Next Action list 1 month ago
  Daniel bc07a89989
Include effort estimates in tags and todo lists 1 month ago
  Daniel 293e137431
Do not schedule captured tasks by default 1 month ago
  Daniel 9406291f5b
Remove list of stuck projects from Unsupervised agenda view 1 month ago
  Daniel 97b9141b31
Ignore Waiting-For actions on Next Action list 1 month ago
  Daniel 524c36a014
Add list for missed appointments 1 month ago
  Daniel 7cc1c19c22
Clearly mark waiting-for and next-actions lists as such 1 month ago
  Daniel ef7682b276
Allow projects to be marked as SOMEWHEN 2 months ago
  Daniel 2e8d912c14
Update pyvenv command autoload list to include pyvenv-create 2 months ago
  Daniel 277c360914
Allow WORKON_HOME environment variable to be overwritten 2 months ago
  Daniel 36a1693610
Automatically restart python interpreters when switching virtualenvs 2 months ago
  Daniel 32cb502915
Set WORKON_HOME environment variable for pyvenv usability 2 months ago
  Daniel 0d2897dff7
Try out lsp-ui-mode 2 months ago
  Daniel eac4ff3146
Include some minimal package configuration for pyvenv 2 months ago
  Daniel 02085570e6
Change key map prefix for LSP-mode 2 months ago
  Daniel 59fb5f3855
Increase some performance limits for lsp-mode 2 months ago
  Daniel 9ac3640159
Replace eglot with lsp-mode as LSP backend 2 months ago
  Daniel 0090975a5b
Use buffer-name in outline paths when refiling 2 months ago
  Daniel 56b1de2844
Remove duplication of refile target specification for current buffer 2 months ago
  Daniel 77f2dfc0eb
Fix missing specification of default buffer when inserting links 2 months ago