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Daniel Borchmann f8caaae071
Allow adding links to Org items also in non-Org-mode buffers
The relevant use-case (for me at least) is to insert links to Org items in the
minibuffer when capturing new items.
2 days ago
Daniel Borchmann 113f3f4495
Fix invalid logic for nil dates in workload report
When not provided in dynamic workload reports, `start-date` and `end-date`
should be treated as unconstrainted.  However, instead dates were queried
interactively in that case, because `org-read-date` is being used to normalize
date display.  Fixed that.
4 days ago
Daniel Borchmann a4712cf155
Include items in workload overview planned before given start date 4 days ago
Daniel Borchmann 242d5cbcba
Add function to retrieve library version
This could come in handy when checking for necessary library versions.
1 week ago
Daniel Borchmann cac41d0759
Do not recenter position when jumping to current clock
This keeps the current view as it is in case it's already visible in some
2 weeks ago
Daniel Borchmann 58e5cd3506
Jump to headline of the currently clocked item when going there
Before this change, we went to the position of the open clock, which is not
where we want to be in case no open checklist item is found.
2 weeks ago
Daniel Borchmann 0b315f44a3
Go to Org item when trying to insert checklist directly in agenda
This is expected behavior in my point of view.
2 weeks ago
Daniel Borchmann 8e192e5cfb
Downcase login name in eshell prompt
Windows sometimes likes to display the login name in all-caps, this is annoying.
3 weeks ago
Daniel Borchmann 88855f6713
Fix typo in auth-source package declaration 3 weeks ago
Daniel Borchmann 01b5e1b8db
Fix incorrect restriction handling when inserting templates
We must widen the current restriction when searching for the template item, not
when copying the body from it.  In the latter case, `org-with-point-at` will
handle the necessary widening.
3 weeks ago
Daniel Borchmann 925cf115be
Remove ID and CUSTOM_ID properties when inserting checklist template
When the template associated with the item at point contains sub-items itself,
those may have been assigned ID or CUSTOM_ID properties.  Copying the template
would thus duplicate these properties, violating their implicit uniqueness
constraint, so we now remove those properties from the inserted checklist
3 weeks ago
Daniel Borchmann fa56dfdd4d
Ensure `CHECKLIST_INSERTED_P` will be inserted at original heading
When a checklist template contains headings on its own, the
`CHECKLIST_INSERTED_P` property until now would be inserted at the last heading
in this template, instead of at the heading where the template is supposed to be
inserted in the first place.  Fixed this.
3 weeks ago
Daniel Borchmann 7db9f8d56c
Fix indentation in utility library to conform to Common Lisp
This is the current indentation default.
4 weeks ago
Daniel Borchmann 28b9918325
Add utility function to create selector functions from table headers
This might be useful to work with table data from Org tables in source blocks,

Does this exist somewhere already?
4 weeks ago
Daniel Borchmann 7bd8c0ef2b
Remove obsolete function to conditionally enable lispy
Not using this anymore.
4 weeks ago
Daniel Borchmann 8df66edf25
Automatically retrieve passwords from password-store when available
This saves typing time.
4 weeks ago
Daniel Borchmann b67a920780
Fix wrong search region for inserting active filter display 4 weeks ago
Daniel Borchmann a4823651a1
Use Common Lisp indentation by default
It's not perfect, but I think it's still closer to what I like.
4 weeks ago
Daniel Borchmann a44b7b660e
Remove obsolete function to skip tags in agenda views 4 weeks ago
Daniel Borchmann 8c9c47f6e3
Prominently display of active filters in agenda view
Displaying the current filters in the mode line alone often goes unnoticed for
me, so I need a more direct display.  Let's add it to the first structural
4 weeks ago
Daniel Borchmann 2d6b40088e
Delete shell buffers windows on `delete-other-windows`
More often, I want the shell buffer to be gone when calling
`delete-other-windows` than not, so let's make this the default.
4 weeks ago
Daniel Borchmann 1e262aef13
Allow `scroll-left` command 1 month ago
Daniel Borchmann 2f1868da43
Only treat automatically named (e)shell buffers special
This allows to have custom named (e)shell buffers that are treated like any
other buffer, and not as the special bottom shell buffers.
1 month ago
Daniel Borchmann 9904e24333
Make shell side windows more persistent
Do not delete shell side windows when deleting other windows and do not make
them selectable by default (although `ace-windows` does not seem to respect this
1 month ago
Daniel Borchmann b6bdb4f9e2
Allow to display shell and eshell in same side window
Inspired by
1 month ago
Daniel Borchmann cfe1dcfa0a
Explicitly display shell and eshell buffers in side window
This should inhibit their windows from being split by `display-buffer` to
display normal buffers, but during early testing also magit buffers went to this
side window.  This configuration may thus not be final yet.
1 month ago
Daniel Borchmann 1f248358bc
Remove obsolete hook to reset checkboxes
The function called here has been removed.
2 months ago
Daniel Borchmann 71f07d1e8f
Remedy some flycheck and checkdoc warnings coming from `db-org.el` 2 months ago
Daniel Borchmann 2d4f626635
Ignore byte compile warnings for too wide docstrings
Ignore this both in the currently running Emacs as well as in all Emacs
subprocesses spawned by flycheck.
2 months ago
Daniel Borchmann 806c7b1053
Do not suppress undo and discard warnings
Warnings are now displayed in a side buffer, so suppressing warnings because
they are annoying is no longer a valid rationale.
2 months ago
Daniel Borchmann 347a3bf08d
Clean up personal Org utility functions
Mostly moving functions around and updating page headers.  Also removed some
obsolete functions, see updated command list for `db-org` use-package
2 months ago
Daniel Borchmann c3a96fc342
Use display-buffer when jumping to currently clocked item 2 months ago
Daniel Borchmann a52190f3be
Reuse windows to display buffers by default 2 months ago
Daniel Borchmann c061357893
Note current limitation in computation of remaining effort time 2 months ago
Daniel Borchmann f120e4b01f
Remove redundant conversion of remaining effort durations
When sorting, we need the remaining efforts as numbers, so let's return those
numbers directly instead of first converting them to durations only for them to
be converted back to numbers.
2 months ago
Daniel Borchmann 866f652c4b
Fix nil display in agenda when remaining effort is not set
Just return the empty string instead.
2 months ago
Daniel Borchmann 0a14f01729
Sort agenda entries by remaining effort by default
This might be slow and buggy, but let's keep it for now.
2 months ago
Daniel Borchmann 1f9e032a1a
Display remaining effort in Org agenda by default
Note that sorting is wrong now, this needs to be fixed later.
2 months ago
Daniel Borchmann bef3a482f3
Explicitly require `org-ql-search` when loading `org-ql`
`org-ql-search.ql` contains the definitions for Org QL dynamic blocks but is not
automatically loaded by `org-ql.el`.  Since I am using Org QL dynamic blocks
extensively, let's load this library explicitly when `org-ql.el` is activated.

Note that this implicitly reverts 939b1e882a,
which changed the use-package declaration from `org-ql-search` to `org-ql`
proper.  So this commit was wrong after all (and the state before that commit
was right), but having a use-package declaration for `org-ql` instead of some of
its sublibraries seems to be clearer to me.
2 months ago
Daniel Borchmann 939b1e882a
Fix package name in org-ql use-package declaration
Package pinning won't work otherwise.
2 months ago
Daniel Borchmann ad2fbe31f7
Remove obsolete fix for org-ql link matching
This has been fixed upstream, no need to keep it any longer.
2 months ago
Daniel Borchmann 90293c7735
Remove whitespace when inserting interrupted task in capture message
Not quite sure whether this is really necessary, but it won't hurt.
2 months ago
Daniel Borchmann 7d5c6624e6
Improve eshell git prompt check for ongoing merges
Checking for filenames is fragile if gitdir files are being used (as is common
for submodules).  Better try to resolve MERGE_HEAD via git.
2 months ago
Daniel Borchmann 6bac3973f9
Make eshell git prompt function more robust
When checking whether we are in a git repository or not, remove all symbolic
links in the current path before looking for a .git in the current path;
otherwise, symbolic links might mislead `locate-dominating-file` to find some
.git directory which is only reachable via symbolic links, which subsequently is
ignored by git (rightly so!) and thus yields errors.

Also, catch the case that the current git repository is not initialized yet by
checking the return value of `git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD`.
2 months ago
Daniel Borchmann 13cbd90ec6
Improve checklist insertion
Do not reveal whole subtree, but only the body.  Also jump to first open
checklist item after checklist insertion.
2 months ago
Daniel Borchmann ba9edc5f12
Display remaining effort of items in workload reports
This is rather experimental, but seems to work fine so far.  The most
complicated part is to compute the overall clocked time of an item.

Any clocktime modifiers like “today” or “total” are currently ignored.
2 months ago
Daniel Borchmann 10ee65f55a
Automatically set property to avoid double checklist insertions 2 months ago
Daniel Borchmann efa55cb75d
Insert checklists at end of subtrees, before possible children 2 months ago
Daniel Borchmann a01bbe28e7
Fix wrong Org QL queries in constraint check agenda view 3 months ago
Daniel Borchmann 26d9dc0614
Make inserting whitespaces around checklist a bit more intelligent
Not quite sure yet whether this is really it, and maybe it would be better to
create some new utility functions to ensure enough blank lines before and after
point.  But let's try it out first and fix it later.
3 months ago