Add descriptions to clocking hydra

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Daniel - 2019-12-20 15:16:53 +01:00
parent a9695b9d1a
commit e63356ad06
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@ -395,15 +395,15 @@ forces clocking in of the default task."
(defhydra hydra-org-clock (:color blue)
Current Task: %s(db/org-clock-current-task); "
("w" (db/org-clock-in-work-task))
("h" (db/org-clock-in-home-task))
("b" (db/org-clock-in-break-task))
("w" (db/org-clock-in-work-task) "work")
("h" (db/org-clock-in-home-task) "home")
("b" (db/org-clock-in-break-task) "break")
("i" (lambda ()
(org-clock-in '(4))))
("a" counsel-org-goto-all)
("o" org-clock-out)
("l" db/org-clock-in-last-task)
(org-clock-in '(4))) "interactive")
("a" counsel-org-goto-all "goto")
("o" org-clock-out "clock out")
("l" db/org-clock-in-last-task "last")
("d" (lambda ()
(when (org-clock-is-active)
@ -411,7 +411,8 @@ Current Task: %s(db/org-clock-current-task); "
(let ((org-inhibit-logging 'note))
(org-todo 'done)
;;; Babel