[Org] Minor beautifications

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Daniel - 2017-07-18 18:14:58 +02:00
parent 75f15b29fb
commit d064577b59
Signed by: dbo
GPG Key ID: 4F63DB96D45AA9C6
1 changed files with 5 additions and 4 deletions

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@ -577,20 +577,22 @@ _y_: ?y? year _q_: quit _L__l__c_: ?l?
(eval-after-load 'helm-mode
'(add-to-list 'helm-completing-read-handlers-alist '(org-capture . nil)))
(setq org-capture-use-agenda-date nil)
(setq org-capture-templates
`(("t" "todo"
`(("t" "Todo"
(file db/org-default-refile-file)
,(concat "* TODO %^{What}\n"
"SCHEDULED: %(org-insert-time-stamp (org-read-date nil t \"+0d\"))\n"
("n" "note"
("n" "Note"
(file+olp db/org-default-notes-file "Notes")
"* %^{About} :NOTE:\n%T\n\n%?"
:clock-in t :clock-resume t)
("d" "date"
("d" "Date"
(file db/org-default-refile-file)
"* GOTO %^{What} :DATE:\n%^{When}t\n%a"
@ -656,7 +658,6 @@ _y_: ?y? year _q_: quit _L__l__c_: ?l?
(file+datetree db/org-default-pensieve-file)
"* Weekly Review\n\n%?")))
(setq org-capture-use-agenda-date nil)
(defun db/org-timestamp-difference (stamp-1 stamp-2)
"Returns time difference between two given org-mode timestamps."
;; Things copied from `org-clock-update-time-maybe