Allow automatic display of HTML email messages

They are getting more and more common, and their text counterparts are often
unreadable.  Pity.
Daniel Borchmann 2020-11-07 13:18:57 +01:00
parent 1aaa7a003a
commit a7fea93b81
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1 changed files with 2 additions and 3 deletions

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@ -1651,7 +1651,7 @@
gnus-inhibit-images t
gnus-blocked-images "."
mm-text-html-renderer 'shr
mm-discouraged-alternatives '("text/richtext" "text/html"))
mm-discouraged-alternatives '("text/richtext"))
;; Signing and Encryption
@ -1792,8 +1792,7 @@
(use-package mm-decode
:config (progn
(setq mm-automatic-display (-difference mm-automatic-display
;; Automatically show PGP data inline