Remove all bookmarks when archiving a project

Not only the one to the project diary.
Daniel Borchmann 2020-09-20 15:03:14 +02:00
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commit 9c0d630703
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@ -85,35 +85,32 @@ with some standard information like title and creation date."
(when (require 'projectile nil 'no-error)
(projectile-add-known-project project-directory))))
(defun projects--find-bookmarks-for-path (path)
"Find all bookmark names that point into PATH."
(unless (file-name-absolute-p path)
(user-error "Given path %s is not absolute" path))
(let ((path (file-truename path)))
(cl-remove-if-not #'(lambda (bmk)
(let ((filename (bookmark-get-filename bmk)))
(and (not (file-remote-p filename))
(string-prefix-p path (file-truename filename)))))
(defun projects-archive-project (short-name)
"Archive existing project identified by SHORT-NAME.
This amounts to moving the project directory SHORT-NAME under
`projects-main-project-directory' to
`projects-archive-directory', deleting the bookmark to the
project diary, and updating projectile's cache."
`projects-archive-directory', deleting all bookmarks into the
project, and updating projectile's cache."
(list (completing-read "Short Name: " (projects-existing-projects) nil t)))
(unless (projects-project-exists-p short-name)
(user-error "Project %s does not exist, exiting" short-name))
;; Remove bookmark first
(let* ((notebook-path (expand-file-name (concat
(file-name-as-directory short-name)
(bookmark-entry (cl-find-if (lambda (entry)
(let ((filename (->> entry
(cl-assoc 'filename)
(and (not (file-remote-p filename))
(file-equal-p notebook-path
(if (null bookmark-entry)
(warn "No bookmark for project notebook of %s found." short-name)
(bookmark-delete (car bookmark-entry))))
;; Remove bookmarks first
(mapc #'bookmark-delete (projects--find-bookmarks-for-path
(expand-file-name short-name projects-main-project-directory)))
;; Move project directory into archive
(unless (file-exists-p projects-archive-directory)