Add some sensible defaults for proced

Used proced quite often lately, because it offers a nice process overview on
Windows without having to leave Emacs.

Default taken from [lw's blog][1], nice post!

`proced-enable-color-flag` will only be available from Emacs 29 on, but let's
included it nevertheless to be “future proof”.

Daniel Borchmann 2023-06-03 09:31:19 +02:00
parent f742b213fc
commit 8cdc1de7ca
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@ -497,6 +497,14 @@
;; and replace it with something more straightforward.
(advice-add 'grep-read-files :around #'db/grep-read-files)))
(use-package proced
:custom ((proced-tree-flag t)
(proced-auto-update-flag t)
(proced-format 'medium)
(proced-auto-update-interval 1)
(proced-goal-attribute nil)
(proced-enable-color-flag t)))
(use-package quail
:init (setq default-input-method "TeX")
:config (add-hook 'input-method-activate-hook