Do not require main notes file to be part of org-agenda-files

Neither logging information not tasks should be part of that file, so keeping it
in `org-agenda-files' is not really necessary.  Indeed, it has only been
included in there to allow `org-search-view' to search that file.  However, with
using `org-agenda-text-search-extra-files' makes this approach obsolete.
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Daniel Borchmann 2020-09-20 10:39:58 +02:00
parent a511e9e73a
commit 685d55cf93
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@ -27,15 +27,14 @@
(defun db/check-special-org-files-in-agenda (&rest args)
"Check whether the special org-mode files are part of `org-agenda-files', ignoring ARGS.
The special org-mode files are `db/org-default-org-file',
`db/org-default-work-file', `db/org-default-home-file',
`db/org-default-notes-files', and `db/org-default-refile-file'."
`db/org-default-work-file', `db/org-default-home-file', and
(ignore args)
(require 'org)
(let ((agenda-files (mapcar #'file-truename (org-agenda-files t))))
(dolist (file '(db/org-default-org-file
(when (and (symbol-value file)
(not (member (file-truename (symbol-value file))