Temporarily disable moody modeline

Apparently, this causes a considerable lag when drawing buffers (determined by
experimentation).  It's not clear to me whether really moody is the cause of
this issue here, or some subtle side effect.
Daniel Borchmann 1 year ago
parent 6064f0e4b3
commit 56693defa3
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@ -133,9 +133,12 @@
(with-demoted-errors "Cannot load `pdf-tools: %s"
(with-demoted-errors "Cannot activate moody: %s"
;; This causes inacceptable lack when drawing buffers, so disable it for now.
;; Needs to be investigated further.
;; (with-demoted-errors "Cannot activate moody: %s"
;; (moody-replace-mode-line-buffer-identification)
;; (moody-replace-vc-mode))
(with-demoted-errors "Cannot activate `vlf': %s"
(require 'vlf-setup))