Do not partially fetch articles

This leads to errors when forgetting to fetch the complete article before
forwarding it.  Moreover, redisplaying the article sometimes leads to a
completely fetched article to be displayed only partially again, resulting in
repeated fetched.  Finally, the performance gain is not worth the effort in my
setup, so let's just disable it.
Daniel Borchmann 2020-11-06 20:20:36 +01:00
parent 75ce3481b1
commit 44c23b7a28
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@ -107,8 +107,7 @@ first will be added to `gnus-secondary-select-methods'."
`(nnimap ,account-name
(nnimap-address ,account-address)
(nnimap-stream starttls)
(nnimap-inbox "INBOX")
(nnimap-fetch-partial-articles "text/")))))
(nnimap-inbox "INBOX")))))
(setq gnus-secondary-select-methods
(cl-remove-duplicates select-methods