Try to fix a problem with org-roam and it's auto-rename feature

The old title is sometimes not retrieved correctly and nil is passed instead.
This leads to errors and links not being updated.
Daniel Borchmann 2 years ago
parent 1c044cc086
commit 23fc3133c4
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@ -2687,7 +2687,23 @@ With given ARG, display files in `db/important-document-path’."
:bind (:map org-roam-mode-map
(("C-c n l" . org-roam)
("C-c n f" . org-roam-find-file)
("C-c n g" . org-roam-graph-show))))
("C-c n g" . org-roam-graph-show)))
:config (progn
;; There seems to be a problem when capturing notes with the capture
;; template. More precisely, `org-roam-current-title' does not get
;; set correctly (is it my setup or a general bug?) This causes
;; `org-roam--update-file-name-on-title-change' to get a nil
;; argument, on which it barfs. Let's intercept this case and don't
;; do anything. This effectively disables the auto-rename
;; functionality when using org-capture to add notes.
(defun db/org-roam--no-titlechange-if-title-is-nil (orig-fun &rest args)
(unless (cl-some #'null args)
(apply orig-fun args)))
(advice-add 'org-roam--update-file-name-on-title-change
:around #'db/org-roam--no-titlechange-if-title-is-nil)))
(use-package org-ref
:defer t