Do not use ivy for completion in regions

This makes eshell completion use drop down menues instead of the standard
complete-until-ambiguous style I am used to.  Moreover, in Org Babel shell
source blocks, ivy completion in region causes a drop down menu of possible
commands to appear after a block has been created and entered for the first
time, which not only is annoying, but also sometimes causes to cursor to
disappear (set `cursor-type' to 'bar to revert).
Daniel Borchmann 2020-11-14 11:50:31 +01:00
parent 2622b048b6
commit 18b90d758e
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1 changed files with 2 additions and 1 deletions

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@ -2142,7 +2142,8 @@
(counsel-describe-variable . "^")
(man . "^")
(woman . "^"))
ivy-use-selectable-prompt t)
ivy-use-selectable-prompt t
ivy-do-completion-in-region nil)
:config (add-to-list 'ivy-completing-read-handlers-alist
'(org-capture . completing-read-default)))