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# Note: this whole makefile is a huge hack, is highly unportable, and probably
# wont even do what its supposed to do. So, use with care, have fun :)
PRESENTATIONS=$(patsubst %.tex, %.pdf, $(wildcard presentations/*.tex))
BUILD_DECKS=$(subst presentations/,$(BUILD_DIR)/,$(wildcard presentations/content/*))
LATEX=pdflatex -output-directory $(BUILD_DIR)
rm -fr presentations/$(BUILD_DIR)
distclean: clean
rm -f presentations/*.pdf
# Extract dependencies for presentations by looking at the source code and
# extracting all calls to \includedeck from them; it returns a list of elements
# like presentations/content/ccc/ccc_lokal.tex
# Yes, we are using perl: a system that has make probably also has perl; if not,
# blame me.
define presentation_dependencies
$(shell perl -ne '/includedeck\{(.*)\}/ && print "presentations/content/", $$1, ".tex "' $(1))
5 years ago
# This template is called with arguments like presentations/xxx.pdf; it
# generates a rule that dependes on the corresponding tex file as well as on all
# decks used in that tex file; dependencies are of the form
5 years ago
# presentations/content/ccc/ccc_lokal.tex
define PRESENTATION_template
$(1): $(subst .pdf,.tex,$(1)) $(call presentation_dependencies,$(subst .pdf,.tex,$(1)))
echo $$^
5 years ago
cd presentations
mkdir -p $(BUILD_DECKS)
$(LATEX) $$(notdir $$<)
$(LATEX) $$(notdir $$<)
mv $(subst presentations/,$(BUILD_DIR)/,$(1)) .
$(foreach presentation, $(PRESENTATIONS), \
$(eval $(call PRESENTATION_template, $(presentation))))
# This template is called with a single argument like
# presentations/content/ccc/ccc_bundesweit.tex; it generates a rule that
# dependes on all images used by the tex file. The actual recipe just checks
# whether the tex file is existent and updates the timestamp.
define DECK_template
$(1): $(shell perl -ne '/includegraphics[^\{]*\{([^\}]*)\}/ && print "presentations/", $$1, " "' $(1))
test -f $(1) && touch $(1)
# Files contained in decks are only considered at top-level.
$(foreach deck, $(wildcard presentations/content/*/*.tex), \
$(eval $(call DECK_template, $(deck))))