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Daniel Poelzleithner 2dcf9846ae
start ansible project
4 years ago
ansible start ansible project 4 years ago
hosts allow large image uploads 4 years ago
lib factor out into lib/admins.nix 4 years ago
secrets@ae9bd8f142 add mucbot container 4 years ago
.gitmodules refactor into lib/lxc-container,shared for grafana 4 years ago updated readme to new path hosts/containers 4 years ago
hq.nixops moved hosts/storage-ng to hosts/containers 4 years ago pulsebert: add home-manager home.nix 4 years ago add 4 years ago


Beide failen bei Activation des neuen Profils. (TODO)

Mit nixos-switch rebuild

nixos-rebuild switch -I nixos-config=./hosts/containers/$HOST/configuration.nix --target-host "root@$"

Mit NixOps

nixops create  hq.nixops -d hq
nixops deploy -d hq --debug --include=dhcp --force-reboot
nixops deploy -d hq --include=grafana -I nixpkgs= --force-reboot