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Sandro - 424242820d
plume: add todo
1 day ago
cluster Revert "modules/cluster: remove ceph mod/mgr/mds from server9" 2 weeks ago
audio-server.nix audio-server: add alternative, broader polkit rule for later 2 weeks ago
autoupdate.nix Rename nix-serve to nix-cache 2 months ago
backup.nix Remove LimitNOFile increases as it is a bug in virtiofsd 3 weeks ago
backup.yaml server8: add magnesium, blogs to restic 4 days ago
baremetal.nix baremetal: add ipmi 1 week ago
c3d2.nix iso: set admin keys for nixos user, too 3 weeks ago
disko.nix disko: fix nix store mountpoint 3 weeks ago
microvm-defaults.nix Make net.netfilter.nf_conntrack_max work on skyflake 2 weeks ago
microvm-host.nix microvm-host: remove duplicated key 2 months ago
microvm.nix Revive microvm-default to reduce the mess 3 weeks ago
mqtt.yaml Merge config/ into modules/ 8 months ago
nncp-relays.nix Merge config/ into modules/ 8 months ago
nncp.nix Deadnix, statix, other cleanups 6 months ago
pi-sensors.nix The big format and cleanup 1 year ago
plume.nix plume: add todo 1 day ago
rpi-netboot.nix Fix eval, another try 3 weeks ago
stats.nix Open proxy protocol, node-exporter ports 4 days ago