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Sandro - 0000001fe2
Delete tmppleroma
2 days ago
auth Bump nixos-modules 5 months ago
bind matrix: add; bind: add missing file 2 months ago
blogs Re-crypt 5 months ago
broker Re-crypt 5 months ago
buzzrelay buzzrelay: add backup 1 week ago
c3d2-web c3d2-web: add matrix well-known entries 2 months ago
caveman caveman: update hunter prometheus_port to fix port conflict 1 month ago
dacbert dacbert: fix kernel 1 week ago
dn42 Re-crypt 5 months ago
drone drone: add backups 5 days ago
freifunk freifunk: implement new gateway selection 5 months ago
ftp deadnix 3 months ago
gitea Use options for restic backups 2 weeks ago
glotzbert glotzbert: use disko for config.fileSystem 7 days ago
gnunet gnunet: skyflakify 6 months ago
grafana grafana: add PostgreSQL to servers dashboard 1 month ago
hedgedoc Backup Hedgedoc 1 week ago
home-assistant disko: fix eval with newer version, general fixes 1 month ago
hydra Add baremetal option 1 week ago
jabber jabber: fix eval 7 days ago
leon remove vpn2 & vhost 5 days ago
leoncloud leoncloud: fix eval 2 weeks ago
mailtngbert Statix 5 months ago
mastodon mastodon: ignore cache 1 week ago
matemat Move nginx allow only hq network to lib 3 days ago
matrix Backup matrix, ticker 1 week ago
mediawiki Use options for restic backups 2 weeks ago
mobilizon Upgrade postgres 5 months ago
mucbot Write jid into normal config 5 months ago
network-homepage Handle nginx open firewall by nixos-modules 5 months ago
nfsroot nfsroot: update netboot_xyz from 2.0.65 to 2.0.68 1 month ago
nncp Move mergeNncpSettings setting 1 week ago
oparl Re-crypt 5 months ago
owncast owncast: redirect /archive to /archive/ 4 months ago
oxigraph oxigraph: leave note for how to ingest 4 months ago
pipebert pipebert: block websites outside of hq 3 days ago
prometheus caveman: update hunter prometheus_port to fix port conflict 1 month ago
public-access-proxy add reverse proxy forward to borken-data-hoarder 4 weeks ago
pulsebert pulsebert: enable bluetooth 4 weeks ago
radiobert Fix kernel priority 2 weeks ago
riscbert Cleanup 2 months ago
rpi-netboot Fix eval, another try 1 week ago
schalter Remove zfs from sd card image 5 months ago
scrape scrape, ticker: add kosmotique 5 months ago
sdrweb Deadnix 5 months ago
server6 server6: enable cluster modules, add secrets 1 week ago
server7 server7: enable networking in initrd 3 days ago
server8 Unset noop grub.version 5 days ago
server9 Unset noop grub.version 5 days ago
server10 Unset noop grub.version 5 days ago
spaceapi Default microvm mounts to etc, home, var; random cleanups 5 months ago
sshlog Bump nixos-modules 5 months ago
storage-ng Re-crypt 5 months ago
stream stream: remove obsolete setting 4 months ago
ticker ticker: add defaults for a few calendars 1 week ago