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Emery Hemingway 037ebf23b5 bison2 removed from nixpkgs 3 years ago
aparte.nix aparte: add lib.hydraJob 3 years ago
c3-everything.nix c3-everything: try to add .css to hydra-build-products 3 years ago
channel-rust-nightly.toml add aparte 3 years ago
collectd-master.nix bison2 removed from nixpkgs 3 years ago
collectd.nix collectd-{,master}: init 4 years ago
dn42-registry.nix dn42-registry: remove mntnerJobs 4 years ago
frpball.nix frpball: config.allowBroken = true 4 years ago
gnunet.nix gnunet: override src with gnunet.git input 4 years ago
hail.nix Blacklist server7 from hail 4 years ago
jobsets.json update from nixpkgs 19.09 to 20.03 3 years ago
jobsets.nix yammat: use astro's fixed fork for now 3 years ago
mateamt.nix mateamt: syntax 4 years ago
matebeamter.nix add matebeamter 4 years ago
pile.nix spacemsg: update cargoSha256 4 years ago
slidenado.nix slidenado: s/buildInputs/nativeBuildInputs/ 4 years ago
spacemsg.nix spacemsg: update cargoSha256 4 years ago
ticker.nix ticker: fix scope issue 4 years ago
tigger.nix add tigger 4 years ago
wikidata-query-rdf.nix wikidata-query-rdf: rm broken xml parsing 4 years ago
yammat.nix yammat: build for all available ghc versions 4 years ago