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<page title="Call for Participation">
<p class="center">(Also available in <link href="cfp.html">German</link>)</p>
<p title="Datenspuren 2015: Call for Participation">
Technische Sammlungen Dresden, Sat+Sun October 24+25, 2015
<p class="block"><em>
Girls and boys,
get up on your feet and make some noise,
because hackers are in the house!
In June 2013, Edward Snowden came public with an intelligence affair, so
extensive and intricate, that it went straight into the history books. Since
that day, no day has passed without continuing intelligence scandals
continuously filling print and online news.These affairs create a new
awareness for our digital rights, which we once took
for granted but now find fading away to mere symbols in an erosive
of clever policing in our shiny new digital world.
<strong>Where</strong> "everyone is suspicious" is a mantra, which leaks out from
behind the
closed doors of the security agencies. This violates the fundamental trust
between citizens and the executive authorities, which is a key
ingredient for
<strong>Where</strong> digitalisation makes every person transparent and privacy shall
remain a
state-owned privilege, we ask: how much secrecy does a democracy need
and how
much of it can we bear?
<strong>Where</strong> Big Data determines more and more of our everyday life and the vague
promised advantages provided by of smart applications suffices to vilify
perseverance on privacy rights as obsolete and reactionary, we need to
how much privacy to concede and who grants it.
Thus, Big Data requires a wholesome realignment of the relationship between
people, state and economy. It also requires the digital vanguards that
significantly further these developments in big corps' IT departments, at
universities, in hackerspaces, or in the data centres of the services to
rethink their responsibilities.
Therefore, the Chaos Computer Club Dresden (c3d2) invites you to submit
proposals for technical, scientific, and artistic contributions to our event
"Datenspuren 2015". Topics are, not exclusively:
<li>Cryptowars back then and today</li>
<li>Usability of cryptography</li>
<li>Forms of digital self-defence</li>
<li>Computer safety and security</li>
<li>Opportunities and perils of smart devices</li>
<li>Making you own devices (Maker + Breaker Scene)</li>
<li>Free Software &amp; Open Hardware</li>
<li>Hacking as sub- and anticulture</li>
<li>Information ethics and privacy</li>
<li>Arts and electronics</li>
<dt>Deadline for submissions</dt>
<dd>30th of August 2015 (prolongued due to Camp)</dd>
<dd>Abstract (max. 300 words) for a lecture, workshop,
installation/performance, young hackers track</dd>
<dt>Submission of lectures and workshops</dt>
<dd>with the conference system frab:
<dt>Contact and questions</dt>
<dd>Organizing team: datenspuren@c3d2.de</dd>
<dd>Mailing list: datenspuren@lists.c3d2.de</dd>
Notice on acceptance/rejection of submissions will be given until
15th of
September 2015.
The event Datenspuren is a non-commercial community event. As we neither ask
for entrance nor participation fees, we cannot pay any royalties. However,
subsidizing travel and overnight stay might be granted for limited
if reasonably founded. Applications can be directed to the <link href="mailto:datenspuren@c3d2.de">organization
<p class="block">
<em>See you in da house!</em>