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atom.xsl xsl: rm broken flattr links 5 years ago
calendar-summary.xsl calendar-summary: fix autotopia links 3 years ago
calendar.xsl create a proper content/pages/calendar 5 years ago
common.xsl throw some paint at the placeholder page 4 days ago
date.week-in-year.function.xsl added calendar week as in ISO 8601 to mondays in calendar 6 years ago
date.xsl add param for timezone 1 year ago
ddate.xsl xsl/ddate: fix discordian holidays in leap years 10 years ago
footer.xsl add new standard attribute `loading` 2 years ago
gemini.xsl xsl/gemini: fix display of <event/> 1 month ago
header.xsl muc: rewrite candy chat form with obscurity question 2 years ago
ical.xsl xsl/ical: put link in DESCRIPTION too 5 years ago
newsfile-to-podcast.xsl podcast feed: changed iTunes owner 6 years ago
paypal.xsl removing possible tracker 6 years ago
podcast.xsl just 1 funding tag 1 year ago
portal-sort.xsl got ourselves a pretty little portal page 9 years ago
portal2fetch.xsl --tries=1 for wget on pentamedia in case it is not reachable again 7 years ago
portal2items.xsl xsl/portal2items: filter out wiki log entries 1 month ago
remind.xsl remind.xsl: linewrap fix, mention on news.html 14 years ago
rss.xsl xsl: rm broken flattr links 5 years ago
xcal.xsl xsl/[ix]cal: dtend is non-inclusive when specified as date w/o time 9 years ago
xhtml5.xsl xsl/xhtml5.xsl: remove advertisement for now 10 months ago