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Friedemann Wulff-Woesten c43a1d9e73 added explicit tag & changed iTunes owner once again 6 years ago
Friedemann Wulff-Woesten 9485e8f4da new artwork (1400 x 1400 px) referenced in feed 6 years ago
Friedemann Wulff-Woesten 55d016ffb6 podcast feed: changed iTunes owner 6 years ago
Friedemann Wulff-Woesten 7f65c96d31 commented out broken flattr stuff 6 years ago
nek0 913ab73b4b Seite etwas ankleiden 6 years ago
0 d069c68e5e Revert "Revert "Hello DS2017""
This reverts commit d07839c73f.
6 years ago
nek0 b5e1c6146f Revert "Let's try again..."
This reverts commit 5a3e402494.
fucking hell
6 years ago
nek0 5a3e402494 Let's try again... 6 years ago
nek0 d07839c73f Revert "Hello DS2017"
This reverts commit a48d78dca1.
I am so sorry. I accidentally the whole DS2016.
6 years ago
nek0 a48d78dca1 Hello DS2017 6 years ago
Astro bc478cb142 Revert "portal: redmine-zentralwerk issues tile"
This reverts commit 61f836c3ce.
6 years ago
Astro 3e406c5d7b remove the cookiebar
no longer necessary \o/
6 years ago
Astro 237255785a xsl/xhtml: rm portal tiles that are commented out 6 years ago
vv01f ff54a1a3a3 ancor/id for calendar week 6 years ago
vv01f f2424d0970 added calendar week as in ISO 8601 to mondays in calendar 6 years ago
Astro 89e954c134 xsl: wording 6 years ago
nek0 fd71ec9977 removing datenspuren cfp froim main site 7 years ago
Astro 88f6040d28 datenspuren mitschnitte: include 2016 videos from 7 years ago
Astro ff83328c39 datenspuren xsl: reverse #oldds order
someone felt bothered
7 years ago
Astro 65fddae96c datenspuren xsl: correct contact mail address in footer 7 years ago
Astro ee4927c74a xsl/datenspuren: "Ablauf" in nav 7 years ago
Astro 73ab62caad xsl/portal2items: fix feed enclosure link mangling 7 years ago
Astro 6ff806d6d2 xsl/xhtml5: disable /status.png in portal due to offline spaceapi 7 years ago
Astro 59ec052c05 datenspuren: include fahrplan 7 years ago
Astro b63e03c39d datenspuren: rm cfp link 7 years ago
Astro 7cbf3828c7 xsl/ical: properly prepend VALUE=DATE to dates without time as per RFC5545 7 years ago
Astro 2dd31fefd7 xsl/ical: prepend VALUE=DATE to dates without time as per RFC5545 7 years ago
nek0 6abdd3aaa6 fixing stuff up 7 years ago
nek0 fb84a587c4 pushing datenspuren to position 1 7 years ago
nek0 c9f504e420 add cfp link 7 years ago
vv01f 1ec89ee4af removing possible tracker 7 years ago
nek0 8690a9dbf2 Merge branch 'master' of 7 years ago
nek0 eb402f7359 preparing 5th menu element 7 years ago
Astro 61f836c3ce portal: redmine-zentralwerk issues tile 7 years ago
nek0 b81076c751 updated head template 7 years ago
nek0 751b42a0b8 starting remodeling page for 2016 7 years ago
nek0 880c7d25d2 remove stellar 7 years ago
Astro 04406980cb xsl/xhtml5: wording 7 years ago
Astro c8b2cad2b6 Revert "xsl/xhtml5, pages/space: disable /status.png due to broken spaceapi"
This reverts commit d53d65efd8.

Kudos-To: hakunamenta
7 years ago
Astro 32b0452810 Merge branch 'netzbiotop' 7 years ago
Astro 27f21cfb02 pages/membership 7 years ago
Astro 41c55b2c53 hello datenspuren 2016 7 years ago
Astro d53d65efd8 xsl/xhtml5, pages/space: disable /status.png due to broken spaceapi 7 years ago
vv01f a0a2c86f4f rel 4 spaceapi aint no more on 7 years ago
Astro 3bc665b203 replace `paywall' with `cookiebar' 7 years ago
vv01f bf7e7fddac prettify header.xml 7 years ago
Astro e78cbd87c4 datenspuren mitschnitte: fix some magic 7 years ago
Jörg Thalheim 41afc82f8f paypal template gefixt 7 years ago
Jörg Thalheim 33b5e3c645 paypal button hinzugefügt 7 years ago
Astro ddc7276ff9 portal: paywall script 7 years ago