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Astro 26bd1bc556 rename portal.gmi to index.gmi 7 months ago
Astro 61afd7cc3d add initial support for Gemini 7 months ago
Astro 7068f99a1c Makefile: remove unused variables 7 months ago
nek0 e452cb187f purrgatorio 2 years ago
nek0 53e4c41dbd further purging autotopia builds 2 years ago
nek0 f12c5a1441 disable autotopia builds 2 years ago
nek0 e4b11066b9 move autotopia to year based folders 3 years ago
Astro 1ee5de82b2 calendar-summary: aggreagate autotopia-events.xml 3 years ago
Astro 57aba00b03 autotopia: events list 4 years ago
Astro cb6b10ea46 implement autotopia subsite infrastructure 4 years ago
Astro 031028e01e prepare datenspuren/2019 4 years ago
Astro 9f557e9cce embed datenspuren 2018 mitschnitte 4 years ago
Astro 574f998a8a update datenspuren 2018 pois.js 4 years ago
webzwo0i 7aa59b0ddf test commit 5 years ago
nek0 d9a8c2f178 new year 5 years ago
Astro 6bf9cf7262 ds17 videos: fix urls + metadata 5 years ago
Astro f1d11254a3 ds17 mitschnitte: fetch video feeds 5 years ago
Astro dcc15dfb13 create a proper content/pages/calendar 5 years ago
Astro eda14834e8 news-atom*: disable validation for now 6 years ago
Astro d7cd16db5a Makefile: increase $MAX_ITEMS for podcast feeds 6 years ago
0 d069c68e5e Revert "Revert "Hello DS2017"" 6 years ago
nek0 b5e1c6146f Revert "Let's try again..." 6 years ago
nek0 5a3e402494 Let's try again... 6 years ago
nek0 d07839c73f Revert "Hello DS2017" 6 years ago
nek0 a48d78dca1 Hello DS2017 6 years ago
Astro f3295c2d24 Makefile: rename gchq to hq 6 years ago
Jörg Thalheim 78543cf674
fix hyphenate script 6 years ago
Jörg Thalheim ff7aa61a54
ta-iptables: neues Datum 6 years ago
Astro 88f6040d28 datenspuren mitschnitte: include 2016 videos from 6 years ago
vv01f f3ec821f7c rsync symlinks as is 6 years ago
Astro 0c635c6d8c Revert "Revert "Revert "Makefile: switch to faster overpass api endpoint""" 6 years ago
Astro 543682a4c6 Makefile: undo magic to datenspuren feeds 7 years ago
Astro 41c55b2c53 hello datenspuren 2016 7 years ago
Astro 6e352d4942 Revert "Revert "Makefile: switch to faster overpass api endpoint"" 7 years ago
Astro a90d6994c1 datenspuren mitschnitte: import the other formats from 7 years ago
Astro 06de519935 datenspuren mitschnitte: implement <include-feeds> from 7 years ago
Astro 5e2130cdc7 Revert "Makefile: switch to faster overpass api endpoint" 7 years ago
Astro ae9485ec13 Makefile: switch to faster overpass api endpoint 7 years ago
Astro 6a8045d492 Makefile: ensure mkdir before schedule-%.raw.xml 7 years ago
Astro 6082119490 datenspuren: publish fahrplan 7 years ago
Astro 56656da925 datenspuren: food improvements 7 years ago
Astro 5d20c3c6f4 datenspuren: geo-aware Imbißmöglichkeiten 7 years ago
Jörg Thalheim 243fadc5be Makefile: skip validation step 7 years ago
Jörg Thalheim dde625f8aa build check 7 years ago
Astro 97c42627f0 datenspuren 2015 barebone 8 years ago
vv01f 2709ee5b3d alles um ccc-news auskommentiert 8 years ago
vv01f 66c5972353 Revert "fehlerquelle temp. auskommentiert" 8 years ago
vv01f f1547459d0 fehlerquelle temp. auskommentiert 8 years ago
vv01f 2f1de1a4d0 Revert "circumventing download from failing" 8 years ago
vv01f 7da4c6765b circumventing download from failing 8 years ago