documented possibility to integrate opendata meetings in calendar automatdically

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= was man noch machen könnte
== autom. fetch calendar entries for open data ==
should be joined with content/events.xml
"title": "Open-Data-Treffen",
title can be used as is
"date": "2014-09-17T20:00:00+0200",
date needs to be cut by the last 5 chars
"location": "",
location needs to be changed to "GCHQ, Lingerallee 3, Dresden" in case it is "", other cases might be necessary in future
"info": "Allgemeine Infos: Meetingnotizen:"
link shoule be ""
== errmail for admin
in Makefile soll noch die Benachrichtigung der Admins für Fehler beim build-Prozess eingebaut werden