[PATCH 8/8] add script to print image information found in xml files

image widths shouldnot exceed 600px.
if you consider to add an image to the git with width bigger than 600px,
i recommend that you should think about either to add a thumbnail image
manually or if you extend this script to filter all images to get only
images with widths > 600px to convert them in the makefile and to pass
the filenames to xsltproc via stringparam and parse the list there to
prepare image src with the according thumbnailurl (in xsl/common.xsl
line 56 atm).

Signed-off-by: klObs <jw@klobs.de>
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dodo 2013-03-31 17:05:10 +02:00 committed by klObs
parent 4ebdc5199d
commit 989c0edd3d
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scripts/image_size.sh Executable file
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@ -0,0 +1,10 @@
#!/bin/bash -e
for i in `ls ./content/news/*.xml`
xmllint --shell <<<'cat //image[not(starts-with(text(), "http"))]/text()' "$i" \
| sed '/^\/\? [>-]/d' \
| awk '{ print "./content/static/images/" $1 }' \
| xargs identify -quiet 2> /dev/null || true