76 Commits (483bc35e67f2e75eea17505eb872d9fb9ce12fdd)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Astro 483bc35e67 ticker-update: fix zone of recurring events 1 year ago
Astro e65e7a052b update dependencies 1 year ago
Astro 3aef06aa95 ticker-update: restrict event serialization to keys that are relevant to rrule 1 year ago
Astro 1407c5f47a ticker-update: feed serialized event to rrule 1 year ago
Astro 6f95611155 ticker-update: feed EXDATE/EXRULE/RDATE to rrule 1 year ago
Astro 7453b01191 ics: implement support for multiple values per key 1 year ago
Astro 553ccc6ad7 nixos-module: make ticker a system user 1 year ago
Astro a04ca83707 ticker-serve style: add a gradient background 1 year ago
Astro 0451d9a56f itcker-serve style: more precise margins 1 year ago
Astro 6d371efc45 update 1 year ago
Astro 354d74d4d9 add recurrence flag 1 year ago
Astro 351f0e057b fix RRULE 1 year ago
Astro d6370aa55d ticker-update: use rrule 1 year ago
Astro ba5b4de68d ics: refactor into Timestamp::from_str() 1 year ago
Astro 1c47540a65 shell.nix: add rust-analyzer for lsp 1 year ago
Astro 96110d3713 update dependencies 1 year ago
Astro 449cac3176 flake.nix: add hydraJobs 1 year ago
Astro 5007b929ae update dependencies 1 year ago
Astro ad5f644221 flake.nix: fix nixos-module path 1 year ago
Astro f9b211fd9f flake.nix: init 1 year ago
Astro 53a11663ee serve/index: filter by dtstart>=today for dtend=null 1 year ago
Astro 247b2c28e9 update dependencies 2 years ago
Astro 3bc618204b ticker-serve: fix doctype 2 years ago
Astro 4520d60652 shell.nix: add rustc, pkg-config 2 years ago
Astro b0bb818faf Cargo.toml: remove duplicate license-file fields 2 years ago
Astro 681d12d6d8 README.md: dump TODOs 2 years ago
Astro dae5de8a6e add LICENSE 2 years ago
Astro 3732a038ed serve: filter by dtend not dtstart 2 years ago
Astro 9e53e41f5f serve: fix .dtstart formatting 2 years ago
Astro 9dc747240b serve: add padding-left to body to avoid clipping the day 2 years ago
Astro 53051b2f37 serve: rotate .dtstart to the left 2 years ago
Astro 26e14b1d90 serve: limit events to 2 weeks 2 years ago
Astro cd6cb485f2 serve: add footer 2 years ago
Astro a6170fb01c nixos-module.nix: fix ticker-update timer interval 2 years ago
Astro f27005e7dd nixos-module.nix: add timer 2 years ago
Astro ac550e169f nixos-module.nix: remove remnant 2 years ago
Astro 3cb4ceeeab enable LTO 2 years ago
Astro 98c7bf1d0c nixos-module.nix: add 2 years ago
Astro 8846312578 default.nix: use filterSource, copy more assets 2 years ago
Astro ee9c1731e9 rm channel-rust-nightly.toml 2 years ago
Astro 0a1ce19179 serve: add favicon 2 years ago
Astro 72d4a34015 serve: colorize sat+sun 2 years ago
Astro b471b76bec style 2 years ago
Astro 9a1a106e0e serve: split main into index 2 years ago
Astro d1566f6c31 serve: switch from rocket to gotham 2 years ago
Astro 650d41b39f nix: remove mozillaOverlay, use stable rust 2 years ago
Astro 931cea5968 Cargo.lock: update 3 years ago
Astro c1dbd8c304 channel-rust-nightly.toml: update 3 years ago
Astro a3e5ca2af3 ticker-serve: group_by_day() 3 years ago
Astro 72349760eb ticker-serve: select starting today 3 years ago