48 Commits (9bd5208c2fe401642bf8ab84d4ccd9d16447b7a1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Astro 9bd5208c2f factor out into lib/admins.nix 2 years ago
  Astro 098be6aba0 pulsebert: update ympd sha256 hash 2 years ago
  Astro 149172789a grafana: useDHCP 2 years ago
  Astro d2c3751323 add mucbot container 2 years ago
  Astro a9e0b9c77b nixops geraffel 2 years ago
  Markus Schmidl 72376456e1 storage-ng/public-access-proxy: default gateway on eth0 2 years ago
  Markus Schmidl 0e5096599e Merge branch 'master' of ssh://gitea.c3d2.de:2222/C3D2/nix-config 2 years ago
  Markus Schmidl ea3179f7fc storage-ng/public-access-proxy: listen to v4 and v6 2 years ago
  Astro 2b03a25395 dhcp: update networking.nameservers, update conf 2 years ago
  Astro bdf3f010a6 add README with Deployment instructions 2 years ago
  Astro 1dab3fbc6e dhcp: no client 2 years ago
  Astro b2a2cacdc2 add experimental nixops file 2 years ago
  Astro 60f57166c9 add dhcp 2 years ago
  Astro d6f156c017 update lxc-template stuff 2 years ago
  Markus Schmidl f7fd74fd95 storage-ng/public-address-proxy: fixed typo 2 years ago
  Astro c7400e4c30 update secrets 2 years ago
  Astro 18d032760e lib/lxc-container: use admins authorizedKeys 2 years ago
  Markus Schmidl bc1118fccf storage-ng/public-address-proxy: fixed errors 2 years ago
  Astro 79db592b0a refactor into lib/lxc-container,shared for grafana 2 years ago
  Markus Schmidl f4b14c94fa storage-ng/public-address-proxy: proxy different fqdns to different hosts 2 years ago
  Daniel Poelzleithner bde5a3d467 add docker registry 2 years ago
  Astro 52792901bd pulsebert: use strfry's ympd branch 2 years ago
  Astro 2ab5593af6 pulsebert: add home-manager home.nix 2 years ago
  Astro 0c9ce308c2 add nix-maintenance.sh 2 years ago
  Astro 96e19766a7 pulsebert mpd: fix using mpd database from 2 years ago
  Daniel Poelzleithner 37823b1fb6 enable network printing on pulsebert 2 years ago
  Astro ffd0e8720a pulsebert: let caddy accept any vhost, redirect to https://mpd.hq.c3d2.de 2 years ago
  strfry 9627ebe6d3 pulsebert modifications by strfry 2 years ago
  Astro bca2d108cb add install-host.sh 2 years ago
  Astro 4b00bcaced pulsebert: unfirewall 443/tcp for ympd 2 years ago
  Astro a5fa3a45f4 pulsebert: https the ympd 2 years ago
  Astro c6f482e811 mv storage-ng/* to storage-ng/feile/ 2 years ago
  Astro d17f0a87f0 merge nix/ and hosts/ 2 years ago
  Stefan Majewsky 9d8232f7f7 Pulsebert: configure MPD, enable YMPD web UI 2 years ago
  Stefan Majewsky 5db3a5809d enable MPD on pulsebert 2 years ago
  Astro 5f44d5ccde add grafana host 2 years ago
  Astro d620685bf5 add lxc-template for storage-ng 2 years ago
  Astro b24b755cba import pulsebert hardware-configuration.nix 2 years ago
  Stefan Majewsky 87350346f6 import glotzbert hardware-configuration.nix 2 years ago
  Stefan Majewsky e1dbfe9df4 import glotzbert 2 years ago
  Stefan Majewsky bd2d0ac3d9 pulsebert: make audio work 2 years ago
  Stefan Majewsky 1d88051b72 initial pulsebert config 2 years ago
  Daniel Poelzleithner 76fe7e6b18 add mpv 2 years ago
  Daniel Poelzleithner f54ebe186b rename to c3d2 2 years ago
  Daniel Poelzleithner 14d54ffe9c add www index file 2 years ago
  Daniel Poelzleithner e9c0401803 use fancy index 2 years ago
  Daniel Poelzleithner 39c217b8d2 fix http 2 years ago
  Daniel Poelzleithner 159148b5b9 add storage-ng nix configuration 2 years ago