13 Commits (master)

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  Astro a376aaad01 glotzbert: setup 1 week ago
  Astro 03a7ab421e rename pulsebert to glotzbert 1 week ago
  Emery Hemingway 9e91b7c21e Move user configuration into c3d2 module 5 months ago
  Emery Hemingway c03a6ea7c0 Glotzbert: remove memtest 5 months ago
  Emery Hemingway f761c4a5d1 Glotzbert: remove broadcom firmware 5 months ago
  Emery Hemingway 9f2af93778 Add glotzbert to host registry, add static IPv6 address 5 months ago
  Emery Hemingway 654f2ecf1f Move hail into the c3d2 module 5 months ago
  Emery Hemingway 363f28fb47 Replace yggdrasil submodule with an input 7 months ago
  Emery Hemingway 239de4b010 Enable hail service for pulsebert and glotzbert 7 months ago
  Emery Hemingway 3ae443cee4 Deduplicate networking.defaultGateway 7 months ago
  Astro 7201a221ec glotzbert: update 9 months ago
  Astro 9bd5208c2f factor out into lib/admins.nix 1 year ago
  Astro d17f0a87f0 merge nix/ and hosts/ 1 year ago