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nek0 f9a9f4234f typo 7 years ago
content Revert "xsl/xhtml5, pages/space: disable /status.png due to broken spaceapi" 7 years ago
documentation typo 7 years ago
draft Merge branch 'netzbiotop' 7 years ago
dtd [PATCH 7/8] add ignore flag @thumb to <image> to disable thumbnailurl generation 10 years ago
scripts hyphenate: fix 8 years ago
xsd datenspuren/about: use <h4> headings 8 years ago
xsl xsl/xhtml5: wording 7 years ago
xslfo/datenspuren datenspuren xslfo schedule printout Makefile 13 years ago
.gitignore gitignore 8 years ago
Makefile Makefile: undo magic to datenspuren feeds 7 years ago